17 Years of Blogging Taught Me 6 Simple Rules

Good old WordPress reminded me that I reached a new milestone for using this platform. Are you curious what I’ve learned in these years?

I might not be the most consistent, the very best, or even a good blogger. I’m still here for what matters. What I’ve learned?

1. Think about the audience

I find it best to do so with a question or two at the end of each post. I also make sure to write shorter paragraphs, use the headings and other styles to make reading easier. Don’t forget about the colors, and everything else that fits into the basic user experience too.

2. Keep it short

We live in a world flooded with information. None of us has the time (or focus) to read everything that is available.
It’s also more difficult to read online content than a book, so long reads should be reserved for them.

It’s best to stick to one major point, to avoid confusing your readers.

3. Use Images

The images should be related to the content of your post, and you need to find the right balance to include just the right amount of graphical material versus text.
It’s easier to read and memorize posts like this.

4. Don’t be too boring

You can tell a boring story in a funny or interesting way, just the way you can tell an interesting story in a boring way.

Only one of them will get readers to read your stories, and come back for more.

There is nothing wrong with writing lots of boring content in the beginning – nobody started as a pro, and we all need some practice. This includes making mistakes, and learning from them. We can all improve, as long as we’re learning and putting enough effort into the practice.

5. Don’t give up – rest instead

You might not find the ideas to write every day, or find yourself in a writer’s block for a longer period of time.
That’s fine. Just don’t give up, and try to write shorter posts when you feel more tired, and take a rest if you need it. You can write elsewhere if you don’t feel like publishing. Just don’t stop writing.

6. Check up on fellow bloggers before it’s too late

I was very sad when I found out that my dear blogging colleague Ashley passed away. She was already gone for 4 months, when I find this out, and this is how long I wasn’t checking on any of you, either.

I don’t believe I could save Ashley, but I do believe I could at least say a word or two more with her, and get to know her better before she passed away. This is what I’m sorry for.

People die every day, and we can never know who will go next. Who would you like to spend more time with, or get to know better?

Would you add anything? What are your most important lessons in blogging?

16 thoughts on “17 Years of Blogging Taught Me 6 Simple Rules”

  1. Excellent rules. I am especially drawn to not giving up but rest instead. And to the wisdom and grace you show in reminding us about keeping in touch with other bloggers. Even after a few years, I don’t really know how to do that.

  2. Congratulations! 17 years is a long time. I can only hope I’ll still be blogging in 17 years. Great article. I love learning from other bloggers’ experiences so this is great stuff. Thanks

  3. I support the idea of never stopping to write. Like you said we can rest but we should always keep writing no matter what. Great post.

  4. Sounds like you enjoy the engagement. Definitely important. I am sorry about your friend. I was a little hesitant when I hopped back to blogging after covid. Everyones life changed during that time. A nice read.


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