A Letter To My Special Someone

Writing can be very therapeutic. It makes you release the thoughts that would otherwise stay in your head, where they’d cause nothing but trouble.

This will be one of these writings. It’s a very personal thing, but I’m going to share it with you. To maybe encourage somebody else to do the same, because it really helps.

Have you heard about the different types of love? This is a story about the type of love I’ve never experienced in such away. No other person ever brought so much good out of me either while I’ve been thinking about it.

I’m talking about the unrequited love today, with which I’ve experienced many benefits already.
But it can be really unpleasant from time to time.

I never thought I would show so many emotions and vulnerability on this particular blog. Love can make us do some silly things.

So, my dear special somebody.

I’d like to thank you.
For being my inspiration.
For helping me upgrade my patience and self-control.
For the joy, I’m able to feel whenever I think about the joy you might be feeling.
For my ability to see the part of me I thought that was gone.
For helping me to get mentally stronger and grow as a person.
For making me feel special.
For taking enough time for me when I needed that the most.

Thank you too, dear reader.
For stopping by and reading these lines. I wish you a nice day. <3

What about you? Do you have any positive experiences with unrequited love?

P.S. here are some tips about letting go: How to fix a broken heart

21 thoughts on “A Letter To My Special Someone”

  1. I do. It’s hard but it’s also a good lesson, as you suggest. It teaches restraint. It teaches how to love someone else better than oneself. It teaches that you can care more for someone else’s happiness than for your own. It teaches perspective. It gives you someone you can always think of with pleasure. Unless you’ve been there, I realize this may sound a bit strange.

  2. A very interesting take on unrequited love I never really thought about in concrete terms. It’s good to learn something beneficial from the experience, rather than allow it to embitter us.

  3. I’ve felt unrequited love before. I’ve never actually thought of the lessons that can be learned from the situation. In thinking about it I don’t think I learnt anything from the situation itself… But, I gain lots of wisdom and valuable life lessons from the person I loved.


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