Art Is About Sharing Who You Truly Are

Art is an expression of your spirit and humanness. It’s an expression of your wholeness.

Art can help you to understand what it is you need in your life right now.

How can you use this to manifest something that you desire deeply?

I don’t have enough knowledge to teach you this, but some other people can. I’ve recently signed up for a Healing with the Arts course by the University of Florida. This inspired me for writing this post with whom I’m trying to satisfy some of my needs too.

I’ve been expressing myself through drawing and many other forms of art for a very long time, I just never publish all of my work (probably never will).
My grumpy inner critic is still on my way, but today I shut him up.

I also tear some of my work for therapeutic reasons and throw it away. I’d strongly recommend this to everyone who’s dealing with intense emotions.

So, welcome to my humble gallery.

The last two are a bit older, I couldn’t draw anything colorful for over a year.

What about you? Do you use art to express yourself? How comfortable are you with sharing your artwork?

24 thoughts on “Art Is About Sharing Who You Truly Are”

  1. Yes. I have often done drawings and colouring. Used to paint, but not much. Almost never shared any of my stuff. Like you, I have a severe inner critic! But I think whatever you create is fine as it is an expression of your feelings.

  2. Those pictures are so beautiful! Keep drawing and expressing yourself artistically! I like to color adult coloring books with scriptures in them! I also like to paint flowers, words, or canvases with pictures on them that I get from Target, Michaels, or the dollar store. Sometimes I even scrapbook.

  3. I express myself through writing. I’ve written on and off for years. It’s very cathartic. Healing. Thank you for taking an interest in what I write. 😊

  4. Art is a wonderful outlet and I’m glad you found that course and creative release. Thanks for sharing your lovely art.

  5. Yes I do use art to express my feelings and thoughts and inner processes. I have even cut and stabbed at a creation I made. At the time I was in immense pain but now each time I witness the piece and I see the stabs and cuts I am reminded to hold myself in immense compassion. πŸ’•πŸŒˆ

  6. SOOOOO beautiful!!! AND YES!!! I agree! People tell me all the time, “I’d love to paint but can’t!” I ALWAYS reply, “Art is simply expressing YOUR soul. You can’t possibly screw it up!!!” Cheers and Huge hugs!!! ❀️


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