A Few Tips For Personal Bloggers

There are plenty of great tips about blogging. But I would like to share with you some specific ones.

1. Don’t write about the subject you haven’t processed properly yet.

This great advice came from Mea.

Otherwise, you can get into some unnecessary emotional drama.
This is why I often encourage everybody who struggles with something (you don’t need to have a mental illness for that matter) to seek some professional help if needed.

master your emotions

I’m in regular touch with my therapists and other people who support me, this is why I allow myself to put a bit more of myself out there. I took this blog as a part of my own psychotherapy process.

I encourage everyone to write, but you need to stay mindful about the feelings that might come with it and decide what to publish and what is best to keep only on a paper. And maybe even burn afterward. This can be a great form of therapy too.

Overall, writing, it’s a great form of expressing yourself, no matter what are you writing about. It might be a haiku, a novel, a blog post, or just some random words.

If you don’t feel so good after writing something, it’s good to ask yourself why is it so and explore the topic.

2. Nothing really disappears once you put it online.

This goes beyond blogging. There are already plenty of tips about the internet safety. It’s up to you to decide where do you want to be. I’m not your best example ¯_(ツ)_/¯

You can find many deleted websites in the Internet Archive.

Let this be a warning and on the other hand a helpful resource of much useful information that could have gone forgotten.

3. Listen to yourself

There are plenty of blogging tips, but only you can decide what works best for you (I keep on repeating this because it’s really important). It depends on your goals.

We can still do things just because we like it and not because we need to make some great success out of it.

I know many conversations that go like:

Me: “I really like to hike.” Person B: “What was the tallest mountain you were on?” Or “I like to take pictures.” “How many of them have you sold yet?”

You may use nice fonts and graphics because you want your reader to feel comfortable while reading your posts.

On the other hand, you might use the most annoying fonts and colors you can think of. Because you like it. Or because you’re simply doing your best with what you know.

It comes down to the individual. We have different skills, goals, etc. And that’s ok.

Feel free to share your own tips about blogging.

21 thoughts on “A Few Tips For Personal Bloggers”

  1. These are such great tips, and number 3 is really good for anyone who’s struggling between wanting to be themselves, and wanting to please an audience. I faced a similar obstacle very recently and I’m glad I chose to prioritise myself and my thoughts by the end 🙂

  2. Point 3. Do I write for myself or others? A continuous internal struggle. I basically write for myself. If others like it great. If not still fine. Or try to convince myself fine….

  3. “We can still do things just because we like it and not because we need to make some great success out of it.”

    Hahaha, yeah I totally agree. I had this attitude when I started singing before. I did it because it was fun. And it frustrates me how I used to be like the only person running, but I did it for fun, and now I can’t but it seems like everybody’s running, though only if they simultaneously use a fitness-tracking/social media device/app thing. Gosh the idea of sharing your running status across social media is awful! 🤮🤣.

    It was such a meditative, personal, enchanting thing for me on its own.

    • Thanks, I appreciate it.
      I received 2 awards already. I’ll skip this one, because of the questions’s similarities. But I’m really thankful that you find some use out of my blog. 🙂


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