11 Ideas To Love Yourself More

How often do you stop and just celebrate yourself?

Let this be a gentle reminder to celebrate you just for being you.
With all your good and bad.

11 ideas to love yourself more

  1. Don’t compare yourself to others.
  2. Drop perfectionism.
  3. Allow yourself to make mistakes.
  4. Put yourself first (healthy you will be better support for your loved ones than unhealthy you).
  5. Be kind to yourself.
  6. Let go of the toxic people.
  7. Be aware that you’re much more than your body or accomplishments.
  8. Spot the beauty in things/people that are around you every day.
  9. Accept your fears, insecurities, and other parts of you or your experience.
  10. Allow yourself to feel everything. If you block yourself from experiencing pain, you might block yourself out of pleasure too.
  11. Try to learn from every situation.

It’s ok if you can’t celebrate today or feel any joy. This doesn’t mean you won’t be able to do it tomorrow or the next day.

2 thoughts on “11 Ideas To Love Yourself More”

  1. This is something I struggled with most of my life. Letting go of self-criticism was liberating. I have found a lot of pleasure in the smallest things, as you suggest and I try (don’t always succeed!) to find a positive in any situation. Even the crumbs are worth appreciating!


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