8 Affirmations For Grounding Yourself In Stressful Situations

I’ve been working on a similar project in Slovenian and got very good experience with the use of Instagram as a teaching tool.

What do you think about it if combined with a blog?
Are you able to see the content (all slides) even if you’re not on Instagram?

12 thoughts on “8 Affirmations For Grounding Yourself In Stressful Situations

  1. Yetismith Reply

    Recently I was very close to a melt down and I kept saying, over and over “this too shall pass” and I breathed in and out slowly. It was a big help.

    • Lampelina Post authorReply

      This sounds so easy, but I believe it wasn’t. It took years of practice, right? I’m glad you were able to breathe it through.

  2. Dani Mayo Reply

    I like this, thank you. The difficult things I have survived help me keep moving forward when and if I feel discouraged.

  3. bbqdad Reply

    I saw all the slides on instagram. How do you do that it must have been a lot of effort editing slides and getting them to display correctly. Iā€™d like to figure that out too. šŸ™‚

    • Lampelina Post authorReply

      Thanks for your feedback, I’m glad you saw all slides. It takes some effort indeed, I use Canva for slide editing. I hope this helps a little.

      • bbqdad Reply

        Yes I have heard of that. I have Instagram but did not have an idea to effectively use it. Now I do. Thanks

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