Hi and welcome to my blog. 🙂

I’m Maja and I’m coming from Slovenia.
I began my blogging journey in 2006. Lampelina is my nickname since then, so the choice for the blog title was quite obvious.

So, what is this all about?

Sharing my own experience

Particularly with CPTSD and life in general. I’m still a “work in progress” and I fail many times.

I’m sharing what I’ve found useful for myself besides my own experience.
You’ll find this content in the section “Further reading” below many posts or in the form of videos.

We’re different. What helped me, won’t necessarily help you too, but you might take something for yourself out of this too. And see that you’re not alone if you can somehow relate. ♥

Backed by a dash of science

I’m a nurse by profession. I have studied midwifery, but never finished it and became a certified web developer instead. Long story. 😀
I’m certified in some Psychology topics too.

This doesn’t make me a psychologist, a therapist, or a doctor, though. Nor any kind of guru.
Please keep that in mind.

You can take a peek into my CV for more.


This content is general in nature and for informational purposes only.
The content can’t be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Please always consult your doctor or other qualified professional about your health.

If you’re in danger or thinking about hurting yourself, please ask for help. You can do this here.

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