Hi and welcome to my blog. 💚

I’m Maya and I live with CPTSD, fibromyalgia, and borderline personality disorder. I’m helping others by sharing my experience along with my professional knowledge.
Lampelina is my nickname since 2006 when I first started my blogging journey.

I’m a nurse by profession, certified in some psychology topics and I’m from Slovenia.

What is CPTSD you might ask? CPTSD stands for complex post-traumatic stress disorder and shares some symptoms with PTSD, depression, borderline personality disorder, but it’s not the same though. You can find more about it through my posts.

psychology of thrill seekers

This is my long and boring CV, if you’re interested in the rest of my skills.

We’re different, yet similar.

What helped me, won’t necessarily help you too. You can still learn something new, and apply this to your own life. Just don’t repeat the mistakes I did (I write about these too).

I believe that we are all much more than our diagnosis.

No matter the label, I’m still fun, kind, open, sometimes annoying, and much more of a person who likes photography, reading, science, hills, art, blue colors, healthy food, health in general, and Coca-Cola Zero (no, this is not so healthy, I can be your bad example sometimes). These are all the topics I can talk about, not just mental health, even though the blog is more specifically oriented.
It would have been quite a mess if I’d write about everything, right? 🙂

I’m a happy owner of one very special therapeutic cat – Gollum. Why is he so special you might ask? You can find the answer in my posts and Instagram. 😉


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