You are not your diagnosis

When it comes to mental health, I can be a walking psychiatry book. I was misdiagnosed a couple of times, I was able to sent away some of the “demons”, but I always keep one or two in my head. Just in case I was getting bored. Joke aside. Since we don’t use much appropriate … Read more

15 traits that mentally strong people have in common

What are the true signs of mental strength? Does it mean that you never break while you look and feel like a rock? Not really. 15 traits that mentally strong people have in common Acknowledging your weaknesses Adaptability Changing your mind Empathy and compassion Expressing emotions Failing Improving yourself Kindness Patience You are open to … Read more

How To Make Loneliness Less Uncomfortable

Loneliness is not a pleasant feeling. No matter how hard you try, you can’t completely avoid it. But there are some ways to make it less uncomfortable. You can do this by accepting it. But how can you accept such an unpleasant feeling? Even loneliness can be good for something (still unpleasant, but good). The … Read more

Pay attention to your attention

I came across an interesting talk about attention. I practice mindfulness for quite a while and it’s been really helpful so far. But you need to be consistent. Doing it once or twice and then forget about it won’t do the trick. It was also an obligatory part of my recent psychotherapy. Priceless add-on to … Read more

Don’t Worry, No One Cares

A nice video to tell your brains that nobody actually cares as much as you might think. Now go out and play, dance, do beautiful things that make you feel happy and don’t worry as much about what others might think πŸ™‚ I know it’s not actually that simple… But you can still give it … Read more

Liebster Award

I’ve been nominated with blogging awards for the second time now. I feel a bit weird about it to be honest, I’ve never liked this kind of stuff. But I’m open to new things and I gave it a try. It didn’t hurt. It was actually a pleasant experience. I’ve discovered some more interesting blogs … Read more

Too tired to live, too tired to die

Every time I stop and look deeply into myself, I can’t see a reason that would motivate me to live. I can get to this point, no matter how hard I try, and no matter what kind of drugs (= medications) I put in my mouth. I really wanted to die when I was 15, … Read more

Blogger Recognition Award

I was recently nominated for Blogger Recognition Award, by Michelle. It means a lot to me. Especially, because I’m in my dark place of mind for quite a while now and this really cheered me up. Sort of confirmation that I’m doing at least something right. I didn’t have the motivation for writing, reading or … Read more

The Bright Side Of Depression

Depression is not the same as being sad for the whole day or being melancholic, apathetic for day or two. Depression lasts longer. It’s another place you don’t want to be. But it can be good for you. I’ve been there, many times. I wish I could say that it became easier over the years. … Read more