Behind The Scenes: Saving The Best For Last

I’m still my own webmaster and some of my work you’ll never be able to see, which is good. Because it means that the page works well.

I started blogging in pretty bad shape but improved to the point I’m actually proud of my work. I’m finally planning my life with clear goals in mind. Still suicidal on a daily basis, but I’m getting out faster.

I updated my about page and finally put some of the good stuff there.

To give you some more insights into my knowledge, not just my bad parts. It was actually much easier for me to show the bads and things I was struggling with.
This went on for several years because I was afraid and ashamed of myself. I’m also working on not becoming too confident, which can be pretty annoying and I’m afraid of this just as bad.
I’d like to be and stay a person I’d be glad to meet myself.

What else is going on?

I’m still not fully sure if I want to make blogging my main career. I’m exploring other options to make some money, but I might still come here full time one day.

This is why I can’t tell you just yet what else is growing in the back. This blog and its content already grew beyond what I first thought it will be.
Thanks for being a part of this.

Sometimes I still can’t decide how much personal stuff should I include in my blog. I’d like to find a way that will suit us both because it’s not always easy to write about some topics. I like to do so if I can see the clear benefits in it. And after all, I’m writing this blog for you and me.

What about you, do you like to read such private posts or do you prefer scientific data? If you like private posts – what do you gain from them for yourself?
I’d also like to know how are you taking care of your blog, are you your own webmaster, do you use free basic services or do you pay for these?

I wish you all a nice weekend. ❀️

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14 thoughts on “Behind The Scenes: Saving The Best For Last

  1. mic Reply

    πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œβœ’ I wish you to do what you would like to do ..🌹❀

  2. Yetismith Reply

    You should write whatever you are comfortable with. If it helps you to disclose personal facts, I certainly believe that it helps other people who have had similar experiences in that it makes them feel less alone, as if they are the only person such things have happened to. I wrote a lot of personal stuff in the beginning and I found it very freeing. People were supportive. My blog is just very small but I enjoy it and I have some wonderful followers. Whatever you decide, I wish you well. You certainly deserve it.

    • Lampelina Post authorReply

      Thanks Carolyn. ♥ I’m glad for you that you felt the freedom and being supported through your writings.

  3. Ashley L. Peterson Reply

    I’ll still be reading your blog regardless of what you write about. I hope you’re able to find a balance that you feel comfortable with.

  4. stumblingfaith Reply

    I like a balance but honestly the more personal stuff is what grabs me. It makes me feel so not alone in my feelings and also gives me hope when I see other people getting better. I’ve learned some new stuff from you and also some great coping skills. Whatever path you choose to take I know you will be outstanding. Much love you as you chase your dreams and goals <3

    • Lampelina Post authorReply

      Thanks for your feedback, it really helps to se things from other people’s perspective. ❀️

  5. Dani Mayo Reply

    Thank you for this, as it helps me understand that there are others in this world who write from the heart, mind and soul. Please keep writing your truth; I hope you know that it does matter, and it does help.

  6. Richard Le Sueur Reply

    For me, I appreciate blog posts with a personal perspective, they don’t necessarily have to be about personal stuff though, if that makes sense.
    For myself, both my blog and my podcast are intentionally a hodgepodge of things. I have decided to offer forth when something grabs my thought process.
    I am my own webmaster and have a number of platforms on which I offer my efforts. And yes, there are some I pay for and some not.
    I am sporadic on here, however I do like your posts, so please do continue.

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