Guest post: Vulnerability As A Paradox

I’ve been thinking a lot about vulnerability over the past few weeks. Hm. Actually, I’ve been thinking about vulnerability quite a lot over the past three years. How often do you think about vulnerability? Hm. Whether you do, or do not, matter less than that we enter into this discussion about what I believe is … Read more

Guest post: How to fix a broken heart

Getting over a broken heart is never easy. Nothing hurts more than heartbreak, be it the end of a relationship, or the passing away of a loved one. You are unable to concentrate, and to function as you normally do. To love is to be vulnerable, and therefore, easily hurt by the people we love. … Read more

Reblog: Sexual and Intimacy Anorexia is Abuse!

Imagine that you are in one committed relationship, but for some reason, you feel that your partner withholds sex and intimacy. Inside your gut, the alarming bell is always on the warning mode telling there is something unnatural. He or she doesn’t kiss you that much, don’t hold hands with you, might walk ahead from … Read more

Guest post: Tribalism

In an essay written at the end of World War II, George Orwell wrote, “the habit of identifying oneself with a single nation or other unit, placing it beyond good and evil and recognizing no other duty than that of advancing its interests. . . . .”1 Orwell is referring to to tribalism as it often is demonstrated in our cultures. Why are Human’s Tribalistic? … Read more