Chemical Lobotomy

Another short story in a slightly different form… slightly inspired by Robin. Thanks, pal. I became fake from the meds that I take from the trauma awake just another mistake… Where is my brain? Hiding from pain? Hiding from pleasure? I feel insane. My body is chill from the previous pill. Craving some pleasure, craving … Read more

The Sweetest Pain

Do you know the feeling when you miss someone so much that it hurts? And at the same time, you feel joy, when you think about this person’s happiness… It’s a weird combination, this pleasure, and pain. So many stories created my brain. I still want you inside, inside of my head stories so happy, … Read more

Creative writing – The weirdest story I ever wrote

I’ve spent quite some time at Coursera recently, learning mostly about the psychology. But I’ve decided to give creative writing a shot too. This was one really fun experience! I’ve been introduced to creative writing during my psychotherapy last winter. It was therapeutic, but not much fun, because of the topics. I’d recommend it to … Read more