Self-Care Through Boundaries

I’ve heard many self-care advice. Some good, some bad, and all in-between. There is also one thing that I’ve finally learned. I can’t take care of others anymore, because I haven’t really taken good care of myself just yet. Remember my post about comments? This was the time when I was saying NO to literally … Read more

Still Failing, But This Time Better

Hi dear readers and fellow bloggers. I’m still alive, kicking, and wanted to write a post for a while now, but I just couldn’t. My self-control went a bit out of control and is shifting from being a bit too low and sometimes being too high. My thoughts are also shifting a lot and they … Read more

I’m Your Bad Example, Part 2

Content warning: not suitable for everybody. I really wanted to let some thoughts out for days, but I just couldn’t write. I was wondering how the hell shall I write while being in such a weird state of mind? The answer was really simple. You just do it. But is it easy to do so? … Read more

The Power Of Love

A while ago, I wrote a letter to my special someone. This post will be closely related to it. I imagined love in many other ways, but never like this. I never thought that unrequited love will give so much life and love to me. From me. I guess it makes sense in a way. … Read more

The Story About How I’ve Finally Met The One

It took me many years to find the one I’ve been searching for all these years. And it’s not who I imagined it to be. I’m not talking about a prince on a white horse, nor am I talking about a man or even another person. I’ve fell in love with myself. Damn, how narcissistic … Read more

I’m Your Bad Example

I’m never to busy for anoter quick update. I’ve spend many years in the search of who I am, what I want, what I don’t want from life… This year I’ve finally made a progress I’ve been waiting and working on for so long. It’s not what you might imagine. Quite the opposite probably. Please, … Read more

Just A Quick Update

I’m a bit busy with working on my other projects, so I might be a bit absent here until the end of the year. You can always follow my photography work through Instagram. I post my feelings in this way more often. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Maja (@lampelina_) Feel free … Read more

How was 2020 for you?

christmas card

I don’t really like to write so much about my private life. I’ve done some surveys on the blog and on Instagram as well. The results were the same, most people voted for personal experience. Personal experience can be many things which got me thinking about how much and what should I write. At the … Read more

Behind the scenes – update

I never told you the whole story behind the scene. The environment I’m working in and so on. So, welcome to my place. πŸ™‚ I live in a tiny rented apartment, I can’t really afford on my own. I live out of a social aid completely. My living environment is pretty great for the first … Read more

Expressing my feelings through art


According to my last survey, you like to read about my personal experience the most. So, let’s dig in. I was quite creative since I was a little kid. I like drawing and photography the most. I’m not really good in either of these things, but that’s the beauty of the art. In today’s society … Read more

Reality check


Content warning: this is a rant. Kind of. You can also call it “behind the scene” post. My mind and my feelings here and now. Unedited. You can check here why is it so. It’s been almost a year since I wrote a post about me being stuck in between life and death. As many … Read more

Speaking challenge

Let’s take a short break from the tough topics I’ve been posting about lately. I need to move out of the comfort zone, so I’m going for another challenge. As many of you already know, I’m not a native English speaker and I speak much worse than I write. I’d like to improve that. Talking … Read more