Chasing love to escape ourselves

Nice talk about chasing love to escape ourselves. One thing I was quite good at and something I’m also ashamed of. From the bottom of my heart.

I’ve learned this lesson and I’m not running from myself anymore. I actually feel good in my own skin, but there is still some room for improvement. It’s not an overnight thing.

We all have our good and bad parts. Once you’re truly aware of them, you actually gain the power to be a better version of yourself. And once you realize this, all the running thing looks really stupid. Even pathetic. And this is exactly how I feel. And ashamed. Oh yes.

But life goes on, no matter what we think or feel.

What about you, dear reader, how creative are/were you with running from yourself?

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14 thoughts on “Chasing love to escape ourselves”

  1. Thank you for this post, very inspiring – probably because so many if us can relate πŸ˜‰ unless we are denying that we are running from ourselves… I think this can take many disguises, also seemingly positive ones, like burying yourself in studying and missing out on the life “out there”. That was my way and for a long time I didn’t realise it. Perhaps it is the case where our strengths turn into our weaknesses (meaning there is a chance to turn them back into strengths). Many thanks for sharing this!

    • I buried myself in work so much that I ignored my family then went the other way. I spent so much time focusing on becoming an expert at something that I ignored personal relationships. I spent so much time trying to do so much that I forgot to slow down and relate to others. I’ve made those changes. NC, you’ve got a great comment.

  2. When I want to run from myself, I run to God. He directs my life and shows me the path I need to take. When I thought I was an atheist I did many wrong things. But as a Christian, I know that God has forgiven me. Because of this, I have daily joy and peace.

  3. We run away because we think it is easier than running toward. In the end, we realize the easy way really isn’t. Ever since writing a blog post about how the easy way really isn’t, I’ve come to realize there are so many times in our everyday lives that we do just that. We choose the “easy way” at the time but in the long run we find it created more problems.


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