Come, Write With Me

Welcome on board, to co-create this blog with me. I’ve gained a lot by sharing my own journey and I’d like to encourage others to do so too.

I started to feel more connected with other bloggers and I started to feel like I finally belong somewhere. Of course, this fluctuates with my (in)consistency.
I also met some closer friends this way. And this is priceless.

I’d like to invite you to co-create this blog with me. I’d love to publish more of your life experience. What would you like to pass forward to others?

I’d like to encourage especially those who are hesitating to start writing their own blog, to see what it feels like. Of course, you’re no less welcome if you write your own blog too.

I’ll be happy to publish your post, poem, or image. You can read more on guest blogging here.

I hesitated to publish this post for a long time because I’m afraid nobody would want to publish here. I already had some guest authors, so this fear didn’t come from experience, but from my insecurities alone.

It was me, who was a bit inconsistent with my posts, so I started to overthink again… and got myself into thinking that only this scenario is possible and that this will lead to “the end of the world” in my mind… and then comes the guilt and other unpleasant feelings… and I freeze.

This is what my CPTSD recovery looks like… sometimes I feel like my mind can’t live without intensifying these emotions and I can still get myself (unintentionally) in situations where these emotions become unavoidable. Just to push me into the victim mode again and again. I still need some time to realize what am I doing to myself, but thankfully, with time and lots of work, it gets slightly faster. You can read more about self-sabotage here.

I’m grateful that you’re still here with me, despite my inconsistency. πŸ™ It’s very hard for me to post sometimes, especially when I close myself for a while.

And… how did your week start? 😊

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  1. Hi there! I enjoy reading your blog! Don’t apologize for not having a schedule or regular posts. At least when you do, it is quality.


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