Expressing my feelings through art

According to my last survey, you like to read about my personal experience the most.
So, let’s dig in.

I was quite creative since I was a little kid. I like drawing and photography the most. I’m not really good in either of these things, but that’s the beauty of the art.
In today’s society you can take a blank piece of paper and call it an art. That’s what I love the most about it. The freedom.
Especially if you don’t make a living out of this. For me, it’s a hobby, so I allow myself more freedom and “mistakes” than elsewhere.

I can relax the most, if I combine some exercise and photography. A nice picture is also my motivation for walking uphill. I hate almost any form of exercise, but I love the views.
A short walk is enough too, especially since I’ve changed my meds and I really struggle with moving around.
If you’re inspired by little things, you don’t need to go far to take some nice pictures.

I don’t know how is this possible, but even in my darkest times when I wasn’t able to do anything useful, I was able to take some pictures. And even if I couldn’t express my emotions with my words, I could easily do it through my intense HDR style.

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I wrote a guest post, covering this topic a little too. You can read it here.

What about you? How do you cope with your feelings, do you use art too?

*You can expect another “podcast” post next time. This one is so visual that adding an audio would be just too much. I hope you enjoyed my uphill views. πŸ™‚

19 thoughts on “Expressing my feelings through art”

  1. Great photographs. Like me, I guess, you play around with the editing as I also have trouble deciding sometimes which is the best look. All those are good! My father was a photographer, long ago, with old style cameras. He was meticulous and very dismissive of anything he thought was not good. Of course one had to worry then about the cost of film and processing which was considerable. Digital is so freeing and I also love taking pictures. I see colours and textures everywhere. I also like dabbling in art but my best results are when I am messing about and not really trying too hard. Oh, and I also love snow!

  2. Beautiful, pics, Maja. Just lovely. I too like to draw, paint, do ceramics, and, of course, write, which, at this time, is my largest creative output. Well, that, and work. Nice post. Have a great day.😊


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