Do you have a mentor?

You can improve your life better, if you have somebody who can help you to push yourself further and further.
Pushing sometimes means doing nothing at all too. It depends on your needs and goals.

The qualities of a good mentor

  • Is well educated
  • Motivates and inspires you
  • Has good listening and overall communication skills
  • Always gives you honest and direct feedback
  • Encourage you to step out of your comfort zone
  • Practice what he preaches
  • Can be present and open
  • Respects you

These are also a qualities of a good friend.

My mentor is currently my therapist to some extent. I also look at some other people as my mentors.

What about you, do you have a mentor and why (or why not)?

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20 thoughts on “Do you have a mentor?

    • Maja Post authorReply

      This applies to most of us probably. 🙂
      How good are those around you as a mentor?

  1. Ab Reply

    Mentors are so key. I was lucky to have had a mentor who gave me a great professional start in life after I graduated from university. And someone I consider a friend now 16 years later. I wish the same for my son when he gets older. A mentor can help you go on the right path and to maximize your potential.

  2. Hetty Eliot Reply

    I wish I did. I had a wonderful professor in college who was, I clearly see now, a mentor. But I lost contact because I was ashamed that his labors to help me came to nothing. I wish I had some guidance, but I’ve learned to take what I get, here and there… It would be nice, that’s all. I’m a little lost at sea right now.

    • Maja Post authorReply

      Have you ever thought about reconnecting with him somehow, despite the negative feelings?

    • Aly Reply

      I had a college professor that was definitely a mentor, but my senior year I never had the time to sit down with him and chat because my life was everywhere. I promised him in the summer after graduation and things slow down we can grab coffee and talk about my plans. I put it off and he unexpectedly died that summer. I have regretted not speaking with him more when I could.

  3. Anthony Garner Reply

    “Pushing sometimes means doing nothing at all”. Certainly the attitude I take more and more these days. As for a mentor, perhaps he or she is best found within?

  4. poeticallyyours360 Reply

    Well said and thoughts worth sharing… Everyone has had some help getting where ever they are. Choosing a mentor because you have a destination, mentally, spiritually or physically you want to get is wise. We need to get rid of the counterproductive people in our lives. I had a poetry mentor and several others. thanks for sharing

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