Don’t Worry, No One Cares

A nice video to tell your brains that nobody actually cares as much as you might think.

Now go out and play, dance, do beautiful things that make you feel happy and don’t worry as much about what others might think ๐Ÿ™‚
I know it’s not actually that simple… But you can still give it a try.

What about you, dear reader? Do you enjoy your life or do you hold yourself back because you’re thinking too much about what others might think?

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26 thoughts on “Don’t Worry, No One Cares

  1. morgueticiaatoms Reply

    Everyone told me my whole life that there was something wrong with me so I got counseling. Way too much therapy because now I overanalyze everything, overthink, stress out even over the simplest things. Gotta stop and weigh potential outcomes, who might I offend because I don’t care what people think of me but I never want to hurt someone…
    Think lack of self awareness prior to all that therapy resulted in me enjoying life way more.

    • Maja Reply

      I can relate to this very much . It makes sense why I’m getting more and more depressed the deeper I dig into therapy. Still not sorry though and I hope this will pass for both of us.

      • morgueticiaatoms Reply

        Oh, yes, do stick with it, I am not anti therapy, at all. But my insurance only covers one place in a 70 mile radius and they are incompetent so…I just spew it all onto my blog, purge, lean on others for support, and hope one day insurance might pay for a therapist who didn’t graduate from Chihuahua University Animal College.
        Dredging stuff up while dealing with current stuff puts you through the wringer so don’t ever hesitate to reach out on wordpress, we are all here for you and all in it together. <3

        • Maja Reply

          Thanks for your kind words. Internet is a place for great support.
          I can relate to bad experience with therapists as well. It took me over 30 years to find a few good ones and within my budget (I will be without very soon again). I really wish you all best with this part on your side.

  2. mrsmariposa2014 Reply

    Ah, yes. Worry. One of the clingiest things I have ever tried to shake. Especially when it comes to what others think of me! But, I can say the older I get, the more of that toxic junk I am shedding, praise God. It helps when I remember this: Which of us can add a single hour to our lives by worry? Thanks for sharing this, Maja. Such a helpful reminder! Blessings!

  3. clippingmaskservices Reply

    I am enjoying my life and hope it stays my whole life. Thanks

  4. Joshua Shea Reply

    Great video. As someone who is new to the “Wait…you mean they’re not waiting on my every word?” concept, recognizing most people don’t care is extremely freeing.

  5. dewofmay Reply

    I am an over thinker myself. But am glad that I have moved away from the cares of what others think sooner than later. This is a great post and I love the video. Would you give me permission to re blog this on mine please. thank you ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. bostongirl13 Reply

    I donโ€™t enjoy life and hold myself back quite a bit because I am worrying so much of the time about what others will think.

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  8. Neil Durso Reply

    I’m both. Overly concerned with what people think, and not concerned enough about what people think. Each has its place in defending my ego from my unconscious Shadow. someone I still love very deeply ended our relationship and started a dark night of my soul, because I may never know the real reasons, or whether the stated reasons were the totality of the reasons. Sometime long before this, a psychological inventory revealed me as an alcoholic on the NPD spectrum. i’m narcissistic. The person who estranged me because I hurt them is very unlikely to be characterized as narcissistic. And yet, this person admits they have characteristics of a people-pleaser. A more than average need to feel approval. Narcissism and people-pleasing may seem to be quite opposite, but they serve the same purpose. They defend an ego. They fill voids within. Each is aimed at making you feel better. And the tragedy is, each incubates shame while they are attempting to avoid shame. And each is a conceit that falsely denies shame. Bringing onโ€ฆ more shame. These sad practices of the ego are an answer to the same call that the deeper soul hears. We crave connection. While it may be true that far fewer people care to judge you as harshly as you judge yourself, that indifference, I believe, is no more or less sad than your addiction to their approving judgment, because, I believe, it stems from their own egoic barrier to their Shadow’s shame. Tragically, a barrier to soulful connection. Be narcissistic when you need to be. Be pleasing when you need to be. They are ways to defend and numb (addiction) your self until your egoic ears can hear your soul’s whisper calling to unite with your ego and present your true Self to the world, little by little. That is how self-compassion from within you will overflow to the rest of us repressing our own shame too.

    • Maja Reply

      I think I can understand you very well. I did some shadow work myself (not very pleasant experience). Even though I’m more of a people pleaser, I also have a part of me (a little narcissist) I tend to hide or better, to shut down. Since I’m aware of this part I can’t get rid of the brutal shame of myself. But as you’ve said, there is no need for that, this part is needed too. It’s just the balance I need to find I guess.
      Overall, well said.

  9. Durkwa Reply

    Caring too much about what others think is the death of joyful expression. I just remember going to a game center to play and this song by Cardi B was on, I felt like flexing a few moves but I was too bothered how I will look with so much people around.

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