Reblog: 3 Simple Rules to Create Content Better, Faster, Easier

Have you ever felt “stuck” when trying to come up with articles, videos, blog posts, or social media content? If you said “no”, you’re either Stephen King or a big ol’ liar

The truth is, most of us know all too well the feeling of “staring at a computer screen and mind freezing.” Here are three simple rules to increase your “likes and shares” for your articles, videos, blog posts, and social media content:

Rule #1. The Audience Is Listening—To Themselves.

Who would you rather go to dinner with: someone who talks incessantly about themselves, or someone who’s genuinely interested in YOU?

One of the reasons we get “stuck” is because we are literally stuck on ourselves. Next time you sit down to create an article, video, blog post, or social media content, think about the people you want to impact.

More specifically, picture a SPECIFIC PERSON in your mind; for example, one of your Core Customers, clients or prospects who you have actually communicated with recently. If that person had hired you to give them advice, what would you say to them?

3 Simple Rules to Create Content Better, Faster, Easier


  • Rock Bollinger

    There’s a lot of wisdom in this post, but it makes assumptions about the reasons why someone is blogging. My blog is essentially a diary about the troubles and challenges I face in my daily life. I write only for people who find my experiences interesting or useful. I honestly don’t care about likes or engagement metrics. Those seem totally artificial to me, they’re an abstraction away from what I actually care about. What I live is getting feedback from readers who resonate with what I’ve written. I don’t set out with a grand marketing objective in mind. I aim only to speak my truth as honestly as I can. I have faith great good comes from this approach. Oh and I also NEVER agonise about what to write about. I simply write when the urge strikes. For me, I can’t force creativity to fit my schedule, I have to wait for it to bube up within me naturally. TL;DR – different people blog for different reasons. Don’t assume everyone is like you.

    • Maja

      We are different and it’s quite impossible to satisfy all readers at once. 🙂
      I’ve found this particular post worth of sharing, because I got many emails from people asking me to help them with their blogging journey. I believe there are people who already wrote some good content about it and Noah is one of them.

      Thank you for sharing your own perspective Rock, I really appreciate it.

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