Healing From CPTSD – Books And Blogs

These are the books and blogs that helped me the most on my CPTSD healing journey (so far).

I hope you’ll get some ideas for yourself too.

  • John Sharp – The Insight Cure
  • Elan Golomb – Adult Children Of Narcissists In Their Struggle For Self
  • Mark Manson – I find his stuff very useful, from articles to books
  • Allan and Barbara Pease – Why Men Want Sex and Women Need Love (and some other similar books for a better understanding of the difference between men and women. This helped me to become more understanding in my relationships. I can’t remember all of them, but I hope the idea helps too.)
  • Some comics and many other books (unrelated to psychology or personal growth). This helped me to stop obsessing about healing 24/7.

For those who can’t afford a book – you can borrow many books for free here:
Books to Borrow
Open Library

You can also find some books at PDF Drive.


Recommended Blogs

Which sources would you recommend?

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