How To Forgive Yourself?

I might be “the greatest” in forgiving others, but I’m still unable to forgive myself.

I did lots and lots of thinking about that. And trying, reading, watching, talking with a therapist about it,…

I can’t give you good advice on my own just yet. But I can share with you some resources I’ve found interesting and hopefully useful too.

Do you have any tips about forgiving yourself? What did you find the most helpful in the process?

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9 thoughts on “How To Forgive Yourself?”

  1. I too struggled with shame and I in forgiveness for many years. You are brave to open up and admit your struggle. That’s so important in your healing. When we hide the pain only increases. Stepping out into the light, exposing our pain, shame and damaged places somehow loosens their grip. Somehow we find freedom. For me, knowing that I’m
    Loved by Jesus Christ has set me free to love others. Even those who have hurt me. I can forgive and release them. You are on the path to freedom dear one. Keep taking those steps to freedom.

  2. What I have never been able to forgive myself for was a decision I made, with the best of intentions, that ended by causing the person I most loved to suffer as well as the little old dog I adopted for her. I have been told over and over that I did the best I could, that I could nor have known how it would turn out, but it makes no difference. When I think of it, or even if I catch sight of a cocker spaniel, it’s like a knife in my heart, over 20 years on. I know it will never stop hurting because I think it’s my way of punishing myself. There were other things I used to be ashamed of but the shame was mostly on other people and I finally talked about it. No one really acknowledged it, but it was said and they could do what they liked with it. It was off my shoulders and it was great to let it go. We are human and we made bad decisions…there are so many kinds of pressure on a person….one should endeavour not to be enslaved by shame, it is pointless. You, Maja, should not be ashamed of anything. You have much to be proud of. I wish you continued strength.

    • Thanks Carolyn.
      We all see ourselves a bit different than we’re seen by others. I can relate to the part about thinking of punishing yourself. Oh our minds… I hope this will eventually end for you.

  3. I love the videos you shared, thank you. Unforgiveness towards ourselves can be so hidden and underhand… Like we feel right to feel angry at ourselves. For me letting go of nagging at myself is difficult.

  4. I struggle too. It’s easier to forgive myself for stuff that wasn’t my fault but I had been made to think it was. But for the stuff I really did wrong….? I still don’t know how.


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