How to help men?

Men are much less likely to seek help when it comes to mental health. This is understandable because we still live in a society where seeking help is considered a weakness, while it’s quite the opposite actually.

Men deserve some special attention because of this. I know I’m not going to change the world, yet I can still do something or at least think about it, right?

Do you have any idea how can we make this easier for men together?

One thing that everybody can do is to be there for your man. For your father, a friend, your brother, a husband, boyfriend,… make them feel loved and appreciated.
You can also help with being kind. You can be kind even to a random stranger, right?

If you’re a man who already found some help – please share your story and encourage other men to do the same when needed.

You can share this video to encourage somebody too. ♥
This one is actually mine… 🙂

I’m spreading mental health awareness on Instagram too – @mojatravma.
The profile is similar to this blog but shorter and only in Slovene.
You can translate some parts through IG directly though, so you’re more than welcome to follow me there even if you don’t speak my language.

I’d really like to connect to you too if you’re on Instagram and spreading some mental health awareness there (or know somebody else who does).
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10 thoughts on “How to help men?”

  1. I think one way to help is to destigmatize mental health and to make it normal to talk about things like emotions and self care and getting help. I agree men will tend to be less inclined to ask for help and normalizing the act of getting help will hopefully help more men to reach out and ask for help!

  2. Now there is a good question. I only know one guy who’s ever had the guts to ask for help. I still feel looked down on because I freely admit to having depression. I think people who don’t suffer from it think we make it up. So yes, we have a long way to go…both sexes.

  3. I suffered with depression and anxiety for years. Yet, in a typically male way, I didn’t talk about it or ask for help. Which of course made everything much worse. It wasn’t until I had my first child that I completely broke down. After feeling so guilty that I let my depression consume me the way it had. As soon as I finished crying I called for the help I desperately needed. Something I hadn’t had the courage to do till then. My life changed that day. I am in a good place now. My children have their father back. Communication is critical for mental health. Taking about our feelings. Ultimately if we need help we have to ask for it. It’s everything we teach our boys not to do. In the interest of spreading the word about a subject I’m passionate about, I hope you don’t mind if I leave a link about my story here on your blog:
    And thank you Maja for bringing up this topic. Toxic masculinity hurts both sexes. Wishing you well 🙏

    • I’m glad that you’re better now. It takes lots of strength to ask for help. Thanks a lot for your nice wishes and for sharing the link. Wishing you well too.

  4. This is a disheartening and true reality. I think it is getting a bit better but there still much work to be done to destigmatize the mental health needs we all have, and in particular for men to feel; comfortable seeking support . Thank you for your good work Maja.

  5. Nobody ever told me it was a weakness lol, i find the whole gender disparity weird. I have the problem of not holding back in asking for help or talking about it, just with impossibility of getting professional help 😏. For me this is a big issue that needs to be talked about, at least here. However community help through WordPress goes a looong way.


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