How To Lose Weight Super Fast

The fastest way to lose weight is simply by not eating any food at all. No-brainer, right?

This is where this post could end. But I have a few more words to add.

There are some less drastic and healthy options to lose and maintain weight at the same time.

It can be done by eating a balanced diet of real food (no industrial 10 ingredient stuff and countless meal replacements) that suits your body most while staying in a caloric deficit. High carb, low carb, gluten-full, gluten-free, dairy-full, dairy-free… it’s up to you to find what your body tolerates and what doesn’t.

You don’t even have to workout to lose weight fast, but exercise has its own benefits that are far beyond weight loss.

It goes by trial and error. It takes work and time. With yourself, on yourself. To find out what works best for you. There is no good instant solution. Just some moderation and common sense.

There is no magic bullet

Some people lose weight faster, some slower. And it’s fine. We’re all unique.

There is no need for anyone to lose weight overnight. Unless you’re very ill and weight loss would be therapeutic. In this case I think it’s best to consult with a doctor or other medical professional who can help you with it and also run any tests you might need.

We’re so bombed with all kinds of information, we live in a time when diets are like computer games were for me when I was a kid. “Look, a new one, you have to try it!”
“Mine is better than yours!”
“No, mine!”

… you get the picture, right?

Life in its basics is so simple, but we humans tend to overcomplicate it so much… I’m no exception and I’m writing this because I’m well aware I’m not the only bimbo who fell on this life’s exam. It’s simple, but it’s not easy though.

This is one of those things many of us just don’t want to hear. I was like that myself. But once you open your eyes, you can’t shut them back.

What do you think, dear human?

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