How to stay motivated

I have a weird brain that has plenty of new ideas all the time. And I’ve never had a problem with starting anything new. But finishing is another story.
Motivation can be a huge challenge for me.

Doing something “just because”, doesn’t work if you have an ADHD. There has to be a purpose. Always. The bigger the better.
Setting appropriate goals can be helpful. A goal that is challenging enough, neither too little, nor too much.

Sometimes it helps if you wait until the very last moment. It’s not the best advice out there, but well, it does help.

It also helps if you reward yourself. Exercise is one of these things that is rewarding by itself (or doing something else you really like).
As well as is love. Love can be a huge motivator, but well, we can’t fall in love all the time, right?

So, how else can you stay motivated to do the things that are not exactly “saving the world” type of?

How do you keep yourself motivated?

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5 thoughts on “How to stay motivated”

  1. “Love can be a huge motivator”

    —So true, it is mood-boosting and stimulating at the same time. But the crash when the reverse happens is…terrible lol.

    Big things for me:
    —Changing things up regularly,
    —Regular breaks (though hyperfocus overrides this sometimes!)
    —Change of scenery, as staying in one place/location for a long period of time destroys my motivation to do anything at all.
    —Using my energy to create concrete things where the reward/product is obvious and measurable :).


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