Importance of the little things

It doesn’t take much to make our lives a bit better and there is a huge difference between doing a little or doing nothing.

This is my list of little things that can make life a bit better

  • Going to bed early and staying in it for a bit longer in the morning
  • A short massage
  • Beautiful views
  • Taking random pictures
  • Jumping through and into puddles
  • Staring at the snow, falling down or just staring at the sky
  • Cold showers during the hot day
  • Short naps
  • Barefoot walking
  • Making myself some healthy and tasty meals
  • Drawing things that look like they were drawn by a 3 year old, but you really enjoy the process and you’re drawing them anyway
  • The moment when the coffee kicks in (or that antidepressant/other drug, you were waiting to finally take the full effect)
  • The feeling you get after a nice walk
  • Finally crying after a period of “I can’t cry, but I’d need to”
  • Kindness (you know the saying “You get what you give“)
  • Random hi from a friend or a random hi to a friend
  • Actually being present here and now

This post is just another gentle reminder. Things you already know, things I already know, but we all need to be reminded from time to time. To take care of ourselves a little bit better.

What about you, what else would you put on the list?

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9 thoughts on “Importance of the little things”

  1. Self care is something many of us take for granted. Think we are programmed to think self care is somehow selfish when it’s actually just showing yourself the same kindness you would extend to someone else.

  2. Last words of Saint David of Wales: be faithful in the little things. I could see him approving of walking barefoot and cold baths (he lived in ancient times, so no showers),strict vegetarian possibly vegan, and a very active pastor of souls. He knew the value of the little things, and gratitude for them. Happy Easter!


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