Isolation is not all bad

Nothing is all bad nor all good. No matter how it feels. If you start to believe this, you might save yourself from another complete mental breakdown.

Talking from my own experience, nothing works for everybody.

Many things depend on our focus and beliefs about how are we supposed to feel in certain situations.

The longer we’re looking on the bad side of things, the longer we stay stuck in this mode.

Isolation is no exception. It might be easier for introverts, at least for me it is. I really like the order that we have in the stores now. I also like overall calmer streets.

We have a decent technology available, but no tech can replace a human touch. You can still get pretty close to the people you love with its help.
It comes down to your own imagination about how to use it to feel more connected.

We can do many things together: talking, playing games, cook the same meal as your friend and then eating it while pretending you’re both in a restaurant, while looking at each other through webcam.
You can also organize a virtual drink with your friends or coworkers – just like you usually do.
Or just enjoy the solitude and more peace you might get now. Or the more time you might get to spend with your kids, this will not last forever. Whatever suits you.


You can also write an oldschool letter to somebody you care. Or to a random stranger. I can’t tell you how very beneficial this can be for both sides, you need to feel it on your own skin.

You can find many other ideas on the internet.

Be consistent

Please don’t stay in your pajamas for too long. The way you dress and taking care of yourself affects your overall mood.
If you dress onto your old trousers that should’ve been in a trash last year already, you might feel the same too. Talking from my own experience.
Even the smallest thing can make a big change, like brushing your teeth, making your hair not look like you just woke up, etc. Every single day.
If you’re already depressed, this matters even more.

I will end this post with a few questions that help me in a daily life. I hope you get something out for yourself too.

  • What can you learn from this situation?
  • What have you already learned?
  • How can you help somebody else?
  • What would help you?

Feel free to share your own ideas about how to use this time to make something good out of it.
Or drop a link to your post if you already wrote about it.

Unedited version again. I think I’ll stick to this if you don’t mind.
Because I believe that we edit ourselves too much already in order to fit into society. I was told that sometimes you need to be the change if you want one. I might not succeed, but at least I’ll try.
I’m also a recovering perfectionist, so this will be just another challenge. But please do tell me if there’s anything that might be too difficult to listen and which I can improve with practice.

24 thoughts on “Isolation is not all bad”

  1. The old trouser comment made me laugh. And what a treat to see two contrasting photos of mysterious Maja. I like this one with your hair messy and eyes closed haha. How soon will we hear more podcast stuff from you? Someone’s Guinea pig is waiting. Good post.

  2. Thanks for the read! This is a message everyone needs to hear, but also remember that physical isolation is not social or emotional isolation. This world is still a place to express our emotions in any way we can and open up to people we trust.


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