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How to lift your mood instantly

I use post it notes for a long time now. With reminders for almost anything that needs to be done. Recently I added some short reminders about the things I think about almost daily. But just think. Things can appear very different when they’re just in our heads or when we express them in any way.

Nothing special, just a reminder about the importance of being here and now.

A simple question – What are you able to do and what you don’t have to do (don’t mix this with what you must or can’t do – this is a mood killer). This simple awareness can lift your mood a lot.

Because there is always something you can do and things you don’t have to do. If you aren’t fully aware of them, you can easily overfocus on the stuff about what you can’t or don’t feel like doing.

For example – you can always move your body in a position that is a bit more comfortable, things you can influence here and now. Yes, some of us need even reminders like this. You know the classic one, when you sit in front of the computer and you don’t move until something begins to hurt. This is what I’m talking about. Do it before it hurts. And it’s nothing wrong if you remind yourself with a note.

It’s a huge difference between having these thoughts only in your head and having them actually written in front of you.

What about you, do you have any special reminders which can lift your mood on a daily basis?

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  • Nik

    I have post-its all over the house with “breathe” & “smile” on. I’m thinking of writing out my Reiki principles & putting them up too 🙂

  • Annette

    I collect quotes of all kinds. I write my favorite quotes on index cards. I tape them to a lamp next to where I sit to read. Another thing that’s uplifting is flowers. Flowers are blooming in the yard. I’ve cut a few and placed in a vase. The smell of hyacinth is so sweet and uplifting.

  • youjustneverknow504

    My reminders are spiritual ones. Remember to do my Bible reading, stand firm, one of my favorites: this is an opportunity to fully rely on Jehovah and see his loving-kindness. I keep them on a couple of bulletin boards at my study station.

  • SunsetCoastHypnotherapy

    I rely on my diary (an old fashioned paper one) to remind me to do stuff each day. I do sometimes move tasks from one day to another, but aim to finish what I’ve written each day. I don’t always manage it, but I do my best…

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