Just another reminder to rethink what is important to you

This is just another reminder. To rethink what is putting you down and what can put you back up.

I can give you plenty of suggestions what can be on both sides, but only you can tell what is going on inside of you.

Only when you know exactly what is putting you down, you can get on your way back up. We all need some quiet, almost depressed times, to wake us up a little.

Last but not least – I strongly encourage everybody to talk to a therapist if dealing with depression or even better, to prevent it, if you’re dealing with some difficult situations.

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1 thought on “Just another reminder to rethink what is important to you”

  1. Pretty much speechless after watching that video, Maja. Incredibly true! Thanks so much for sharing my friend. The time is here to re-evaluate and become free again❤️


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