Just Wondering

Does life ever get any easier? How many bad things can one person handle? At a time or in life by itself?

I don’t feel sorry for myself, just wondering. How fragile and strong at the same time can a human being be. The most complex machine we still know so little about.

There are so many how-to’s out there, the internet is overflown with information, and we have so many books and so much knowledge available. Yet we still know so little when we come to certain situations.

There are things we could be taught at school.
To name just a few of them: kindness, gratitude, empathy, humility, good communication, self-awareness, how to set up the boundaries, how to be a woman/man, etc. How to be a human actually.

I think we’re putting too much effort into learning things we will never need and way too little about life skills, with emotional intelligence being one of them.

I don’t blame anybody. I am just wondering.

Were we really born so different or are we much more alike?

It would be interesting if we could measure our feelings. Could we handle the openness we would gain by doing it so? Nobody would look the same to us again, because we all keep secrets. We’re just not prepared for that.

We’ve managed to over-distract ourselves. From ourselves mostly. From our feelings. From the feelings, you’d wish you’ve felt but you just don’t. From numbness, from your thoughts, from everything inside of you that can not be seen, just felt.

Being a human is not just. It is super actually if you can see it this way. And enough. Feelings are great, good ones, bad ones, and everything in between. It’s what makes us super (super good and superbad). I guess. Just wondering…

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  1. You’re definitely not stupid. I have exactly the same thoughts and the only thing that helps me is to think that nothing lasts forever. If all I can do is keep going from one day to the next, it’s enough

  2. For some reason quite a few of your old posts have shown up as new posts for me, but at least that means I get to read some I didn’t see before.

    From a few of your blog posts I wonder if you’re able to consider getting checked for High Functioning Autism (aka Aspergers Syndrome) as I can relate very much to what you say about openness, being overwhelmed, the ADHD symptoms, etc, etc, etc and I ended up getting diagnosed with it, which made everything make sense.

    I may have actually written this on another of your posts (can’t remember, which I’m sure you can probably relate to), so apologies if so.

    But in answer to your question: No, life doesn’t get easier. If anything it get’s harder. Getting a correct diagnosis can help as can trying to build a caring network around you of people who understand you, no matter how small.

    • Sometimes I put a post back under the drafts and later publish it back. I apologize for any inconvenience. It’s got to do with my past insecurities, can’t help for acting impulsive sometimes.

      I was thinking about autism too, thanks for bringing this up. I haven’t discussed this with my therapist yet.

      • It’s no inconvenience πŸ™‚

        I’m not sure where in the world you are, but my experience in the UK has shown me that many therapists and other health professionals seem happy to rule out autism as a diagnosis despite not knowing anything about autism spectrum disorders beyond stereotypes from movies.

        If you don’t mind me giving some advice, I’d suggest doing an online questionnaire or two and maybe look at some Youtube videos of people with aspergers/high functioning autism to see if you relate to it before bringing it up with your therapist.

        Something to bear in mind is that if you are autistic and haven’t been diagnosed or have been mis-diagnosed up to this point, you will have created many coping strategies that are going to be hard to “un-learn”. You may find you answer the questionnaire automatically/reflexively rather than truthfully (I had this problem with some things).

        There’s a good questionnaire here: https://www.aspietests.org/raads/
        And this chap is quite good too: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UcqBgXCxddE&t=23s&ab_channel=AspergersfromtheInside

        Hope it helps in some way. Even if it’s just the peace of mind from ruling it out πŸ™‚

        Anyway, all the best. Hope life is bearable at the moment πŸ™‚

  3. Life is made for living, so all these questions are really good to ask in order to understand life more. I’d say that it doesn’t get any easier, you just get better at handling setbacks and issues with more ease because of the experience.
    Could we find a way to gain experience without losing time? That would be the best thing ever :). Just wondering…

    • Good comment. Doubtful on that last question as learning then putting to practice takes time and repetition. It’s like expecting to gain a skillet magically without getting a degree or training at a job or something what does the knowledge just fall into one’s head randomly, unfortunately not.

  4. Life may not necessarily get easier but I do believe we get better at facing the challenges that we encounter.

    And I agree that more emphasis should be placed in schools on soft skills such as empathy, gratitude, resilience and emotional intelligence. These are the skills that we often need as we go out into the world.


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