Let’s have some fun again

I’m really glad to see all of your comments about the music you’re listening to.
Nigel just dropped me a comment, which got me thinking about repeating the game.

So, are you in for another round? πŸ˜‰

The rules are very simple.
Please share your favorite song in the comments below. Or whatever comes to your mind first after reading this post. What was on your playlist today?

This is a little something from me.

Sometimes it’s not even about the songs, but about the people or the events you’re reminded of when you’re listening to the music.
I love this mix, it makes me laugh a lot. I hope it will have a positive effect on some of you too. It’s quite a weird mix, I know. Β―(ツ)/Β―

18 thoughts on “Let’s have some fun again”

  1. Lol couldn’t they at least change the default laptop background in ‘Don’t Start Now? haha. I liked that song, although the one bit where a guy bashes a metallic object (at 1:00 exactly) makes me tense up! That’s an awful sound for me, lol.

    But they were all positive songs overall! Definitely had a positive effect :).

    This is my favourite song ever πŸ˜€

    I also love this one:

    Those are two of my favourite artists.

  2. This is the other track (both have other artists immediately afterwards – I think Pete Tong with a German band on one of them.) –
    I really like the other track, but provide this one for you to make your own minds up.
    I also listen to Virgin Prunes on occasion… (and get the windswept hairdo) and other stuff – depends on my mood. Generally, going classical right now.

  3. Actually it seems to have changed – it looks like it switches to a radio station or similar after the two tracks have finished. So you might get new ‘random’ stuff that way. I think you can also get access to other websites like Bandcamp and others for some indie music, and some bands have music players on their websites – particularly new tracks that haven’t been released yet (like promos or demos)


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