A few words about psychedelics

A few informative talks about psychedelics. They might be an interesting alternative to many psychiatric drugs.

What about you, do you already have any experience with using them in medical purposes?

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  1. Go to Holland for a few days and try them out. They certainly help but I am not so sure about the claims that they leave you depression free for many months. They do not seem to provide a permanent cure. However my experience is that they do immediately lift depression for a while. Perhaps micro dosing is the answer taking it like a pill every other day or so.

      • The advantage is that micro-dosing is not scary and it does not affect your day. The disadvantage is that you are not going to receive and “spiritual awaking ” from it. Those videos you posted, particularly Griffiths at John Hopkins – according to some views I have read, John Hopkins have come up with a dose of pure psilocybin which gives a spiritual insight and yet does not give you anxiety or lead to a bad trip. People say this works out at an equivalent of 2 to 3 grams of dried magic mushrooms. At that dose, the insights are pretty profound. People talk about the need for a trip sitter which would of course be ideal but the hospital route is not possible at the moment so it has to be a friend. But perhaps working your way up to 3 grams can be done on ones own. Microdosing of course entails no such worries and as I am sure you are aware no one so far has spotted any adverse health implications physiologically. What I can say is that I believe psychedelics if used responsibly can indeed give very profound insight. I am hoping that microdosing smaller amounts may work on a day to day basis to keep the crushing, obliterating curse of depression at bay.

      • I’ve self medicated for a while with magic mushrooms (psilocybin?), in my early twenties and again in my early thirties. While for me they were an amazing experience and really helped ‘ground’ me for a time afterwards, I had a girlfriend years later who psychedelics really didn’t agree with. However, she began microdosing and it did seem to help her.

        Personally I think moderation is the key to most things. In particular I do believe psilocybin can play an important part in our mental well-being and outlook on life, just from the ideas it opened up to me which were mainly empathic and making me think that all life was interlinked on the planet and we were basically all a part of one giant organism. The fact it gave me feelings and ideas that if they were common would make life a lot more bearable, makes me think it has a potentially important part to play in balancing our psyche. I really wish it could be pumped into all country’s main chambers of government as well as the board-rooms of some of our more psychopathic corporations (*cough* nestle *cough)

  2. I have a close friend who started on ketamine infusions, got hooked, ended up stealing it from her work (she was a veterinarian) and lost her license, so I have a bit of a bias. If you’re looking to check out for a bit, any blow to the head will leave you seeing stars.

    • Yea i’d concur with this view of Ketamine. I’m not aware of the infusions, but the drug itself appears incredibly addictive (at least psychologically). My first time or two were lovely experiences, very euphoric, but even though the experiences got worse the want to do it was still there. Lucky for me I saw where it was going. Others around me who kept going ended up being similar to the heroin users in the area. There was something quite ‘dirty’ and sad about them. It’s difficult to explain, but it’s definitely a typical pharmaceutical IMHO rather than the quite harmless effects of mild doses of psilocybin.

  3. I’ve tried so many psychedelics before I found out of my condition (bi-polar). It was fun and alleviated so many symptoms which is probably why I flocked to them. Now that I’m medicated by a professional and have done some growing, I’d like to do guided therapy while under magic mushrooms, MDMA or even LSD. I know there are so many benefits and I live next to Johns Hopkins so it’d be easy to take their trials if I can find a ride.


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