Long Time No See

I needed a break from blogging, so I took one. I won’t apologize for that.

I needed to let go of some really nice people in quite a short time. And I needed some time to grieve.
These feelings don’t get any weaker with years, at least for me they don’t. But I did get a bit tougher and I know how to handle them better.
How are you coping with your emotions, if you look back a little?

It wasn’t all bad though. I’ve had some good times too, but overall, it was too much of many things. And some boundaries were missing. Sometimes I fail the most when I don’t stick to my own boundaries. Sounds familiar or is it just me?

Klobuk hill

Honestly, I have no idea what am I writing today, I just felt like I need to. In these couple of months, I started to feel like I’m unable to write in English and that I should quit blogging for good. Well, it was expected after no writing for 2 months.

I’m also a bit torn. I’ve built a nice community on Instagram and I don’t know how to publish quality content here and there, because it’s in 2 different languages.
So I’ve stopped posting on both sides for a while because it felt like too much.

I have no idea what else to write today. I’ve missed you guys.
I hope you’re all nice and well and if you’re not, I hope that you’re on your way there. ❤️
What were you doing lately?

11 thoughts on “Long Time No See”

  1. It must be very difficult to switch back and forth between media and languages. And letting people go is hard. It takes time to process but it’s important to be true to your own principals and you never have to apologize for that. Whatever you decide, Maja, I wish you the best. I shall still be here as long as I am able!

  2. I have missed you too, I enjoy your posts. I can relate. I also have an Instagram account, as you know, and I post very little there because of finding it hard to balance both. Now in the last 3 months of renovations and moving my life was a complete whirl. Many many emotions too. Then the week before I picked up blogging, recently, I started thinking “what’s the point? Why blog?” But for me I know it is the way I give back to the world as I am grateful for the gifts the world has given me. It is an easy flow of sharing for me but it might be different for you or others. Anyway I think maybe I am not expressing myself well here. Would be easier in a conversation. I am always glad to see your posts and find your thoughts thought provoking. Thank you for what you shared. Have a great day. Morag.


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