Looking for some help with blogging

I was thinking a lot about blogging lately. About the things I wrote and about the things I haven’t written yet.

Looking back, I wouldn’t change a thing, but looking forward… I don’t know. ¯(ツ)

Sometimes I have a difficulty to make even the most basic decisions like picking up the left or the right banana in the store.
The easiest decisions can be the toughest ones sometimes.

Considering my past experience with some great feedback from your comments, I’ve decided to simply write a post about this (at least one decision made it through, yay).

So what I’m asking is some help with the migration of the old site. Are you in? 🙂

I can’t decide whether should I transfer the posts from the old site or just continue blogging here where I started with the blank page and leave the old stuff where it is.

What do you think about this from your point of a view?
Feel free to share anything about your own blogging crisis too (if you had one), and how did you come through?

Trouble with making decisions can also be a sign of depression. There are many tips about how to make a decisions while you’re depressed.

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31 thoughts on “Looking for some help with blogging”

  1. The old blogs helped you to become the person you are now. Never regret the things from the pasts they help you grow. When I first started my page. I was in a different space in time. As I read through all my posting recently, I was amaze. The mind set I had back then evolved. I kind of like where I am now. We see when I reread my present posts in the future🤔🤔🤗😀😀

    • I can relate to this. But sometimes you just don’t see the progress and need to reread things, even multiple times. Thanks for the reminder.
      I’m glad to hear that you’ve noticed your own progress too 🙂

  2. If you’re not sure, maybe wait a month or two and see what you think at that point. It would be easier than migrating and changing your mind about it.

  3. Starting with clean slate can be fun, but sometimes a new post might need some context or background that can only be found in your old work.

    A good medium might be to go through your old posts and select some that could be updated and used on your new blog.

  4. I think to write well, you have to risk revealing more than decorum would leave you comfortable with. I think you’d be surprised at how many will look on the writing not with judgment, ut with a sense of kinship.

  5. I can relate to this indecision! In my experience the best thing is to keep doing what you’re doing. If you’re on the wrong path it will become apparent and you can cut through to the right one.

  6. It’s good to be open and honest. Honest blogs are appreciated much. Like you, I m also in dilemma. Whether to stick to Fitness blogs are should I start writing about my other passion traveling.it was decision of heart vs head. Finally I listened to my heart and deciding to go ahead with travel blogs alongwith fitness. Why we write because we like the subject and we put out heart in.
    So listen to what your heart says..
    Good luck

  7. I know the trouble of making decisions quite well, too. Those good old depressions ,p. What helps me is the following: in this world you simply cannot regret a thing. It’s impossible, because you cannot change the past. We only move in one direction, bad news: death, good news: at least we’re moving forward. So I am looking forward to reading your posts 😉

  8. If you’re not sure you want them, they must not be important to you, or you don’t want to admit they are, which is a different subject. If I didn’t care about my old posts, I’d see what kind of traffic they got on my stats and then maybe just migrate the most popular ones over.

    • They’re all important to me, but I’m wondering what value do they have for others.
      I like the idea about transferring just the most popular ones. Thanks.

  9. Blogging Is old in 2020 , i suggest write down your story in Wattpad , new comunity you can follow new writers and make your story …. And use more Twitter for small thinking , a lot of people use that social to share their emotions

    • Blogging might look old to you and many other people, but for me and many others, this is very much alive and important. I feel really good here, so I’ll definitely stay for now.
      The question was never about quitting blogging.
      Wattpad might come handy for some other projects though, so I still really like the idea.

  10. I’ve got too many blogs already.
    If they are of similar theme, managing one is best — bring the content over.
    If the have separate themes (as mine do) keep them separate, but then you have to maintain both.
    If both are $ sites, then that’s a consideration too.
    If they are on different platforms, tumblr, blogger, custom, there’s one more wrinkle.
    All depends on your ultimate intent.

  11. It’s hard to offer an opinion when I know so little, but it seems to me if you’ve got “Stuff” you want left behind so should, Can you just leave that part out?
    I am barely able to get a blog published, so don’t consider my advice worth a nickel cent!

    • This doesn’t make you any less qualified to pass your own opinion and experience. We’re all better at some and worse at other things. Sometimes just the good intention and a kind word are more than enough.
      This is what I felt through your comment. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your own point of view, I appreciate it.

  12. I have only ever had one blog and it is the one I currently blog from; Gertiesjourney.com Something I have found helpful for me is going to WordPress’s Blogging University (Blogging U) and taking some of their free courses. I have been blogging for six years and still need help with blogging as I want to get my message out there. So, I think I understand what you are getting at. As far as transferring your post from your last blog, I think the decision is ultimately up to you. My question is: Will your post from your previous blog align with your current blog?

  13. Blogging University is a great place to learn things about blogging. Thanks for mentioning it, it might come handy to many others too.

    All of the posts that I wanted to keep public, are available here from now on. The old blog just shut the doors.

  14. I had 4 blogs and gave up 2 and now I gave up one and am left with one. I migrated my post from the 3 defunct blogs and also from a blog I have been keeping on another platform since 2007. I am so glad I did this!!

  15. I copy/paste old posts that I feel need new life into a Word doc. I tweak them and republish. I wouldn’t get rid of my old posts if I were you because you can always repurpose your work.


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