Looking for some help with writing

Even after all my psychotherapy thing, I still find it really difficult to seek help when I need it.
This time I would need some of your, dear reader.
I overthinked everything for a 1000 time, deleted some posts, write them again and there, after a few days of playing some drama in my head, I managed to finally click the Publish button. 🤦

The thing is that I really want to write, because it helps me a lot and according to feedback, to many of you as well.
But I don’t know where to go next, and I think you can help me out a bit.

You can do this by telling me which topics would you like to see more on my blog. I’ve made a survey, to make things as easy as possible.

Thanks. A lot.

P.S. Do you ever feel so insecure about yourself that you freeze and do nothing at all? For days, weeks or even months?

33 thoughts on “Looking for some help with writing”

  1. What’s worked for me is just write from your heart what’s rising up from within YOU. That way nothing is forced and the passion can be felt. Don’t overthink it and just click publish. Most folks like those genuine raw posts and don’t be afraid to show vulnerability. Each time you’ll be amazed the light, love, and support that comes back to you. We all have more in common then we think. Be you😊

  2. I really get what you’re going through. There are times when insecurities truly catch up with me and become so overwhelming that I seem to stop, while time rushes by.
    I really hope you get back to writing soon and I wish power and love to you!

  3. I’ve learned that overthinking stems from not truly accepting myself, right here, right now. By learning to give myself grace to just BE, flaws and all, I allow myself to have breathing space!

    Maya Angelou has inspired me so much: “When I know better, I do better!”

    This of course can change, but I remind myself of what I’ve learned, so I can feel better about even my “off” days.

    I suggest just writing from your heart, write what you need to hear the most, what resonates with you the most!


    Peace, Tamara

  4. You are perfect as your true self

    We judge ourselves, our writing is an integral part of our self

    Your writing is a symptom of how you feel. We have an aversion to criticism and ridicule

    But letting that criticism own us steal our chance for happiness

  5. I feel that way everyday at moments and I’m healtheir than I’ve been in years. Try meditating, or clear your mind the best you can, don’t focus of anything. Just quite. I’ve found once I can do that I can learn to focus on sonething positive and change my mindset. It;s an everyday challenge. You can do it. 🙂

  6. Write from your heart. Don’t worry about who will or wont read it. When it’s from your heart the ones who are meant to read it will. Don’t edit your heart, give it the freedom to flow. And yes I freeze up all the time, I understand that

  7. I found it really hard to be honest about my health issues, the connected anxiety, and spent a lot of time trying to second guess how people would react and respond, overthinking everything. It’s been a hard lesson, but I’ve learnt that expressing how I feel is the fair thing for me and for others, and makes me stronger because I’ve taken off the mask. It’s a lesson I learn every day, though, because I struggle to be content with who I am. But the more honest I am the easier I find it. You are a writer, you have that gift.

  8. I hear you. I started my wordpress blog two years ago. I have always wanted to share my thoughts and experiences with people but I overthink too much and do not end up writing/sharing my writing at all. It is something I am working on hence the fact that I logged back in and actually wrote. You got this!

  9. I totally relate Maja, and different things work for me at different times. I can never predict creativity, but sometimes I can jolt myself into a workzone. the things that work for me are writing prompts, even a word can help, asking someone else to read a post before publishing if you’re not sure about it, or just jotting down things that pop into your head throughout the day into a notebook. you can always come back to them later; sometimes there’s an idea there!

    • This about the prompts could work for me too, thanks for mentioning it. And other advice. Everything comes handy when your own head is empty 🙂

  10. I know what you mean – I “want” to write too… but I think it is better to talk while hitting the letters on the keyboard rather than writing! Even if you have nothing to say, you’ll find yourself saying it in an interesting fashion… just wander along with your thoughts – I’m interested to follow them. But I’ll go up there and put a mark in a box anyway…

  11. I understand what you mean. What works to me is the feeling that anything even wrong is better than staying frozen. And then I repeat to myself that imperfections make us perfect! Wish you more freedom to your overthinking mind 🙂

  12. I struggle asking for help as well. Having a writing accountability & mentor/therapy partner has been huge for me .
    I want to see more on Dissociation & Intimacy. And everything else you are sharing now seems to nourishing for so many . 🙏💚🌹

  13. In my limited experience blogging, I’ve noticed that the more vulnerable something sounds, the more people here seem to want to read it. So even though it’s tough to fight your concern about what people will think, it doesn’t seem to be much to worry about!

    Now if only I can figure out how to get comments. The handful of regular readers I have (and I’m glad you’re one of them) are always silent. I’m not that terrifying 🙂

    • I don’t comment if I don’t have anything to add. That simple 🙂 if you’d like some specific feedback, a simple question at the end of the post can help. I hope this helps.
      You’re right about the voulnerable things. Personal experience is also the most popular answer from the survey.
      P.s. I don’t find you terrifying at all 🙂 thanks for stopping by.

  14. Excellent post! 😀

    You’ve named this blog “lampelina” — Lampe is in your name, so that applies whether you write good, bad, whatever… you will always be Lampe (unless you’re ever motivated to change your name 😉 ). What about “-lina”? What does that mean? Maybe that you are small? If so, then write about what it feel like to be small? Or not small? Or whatever “lina” means?

    You’ve made this container. You can make other containers (if you feel like it). Or you can drink coffee, eat cake, take a walk in the park. And then if you want to write about how that feels, why not? You could also write about writing. Or you could take a nap. Or you could write about “get rich quick” schemes. Or you could… — how many ideas do you want?

    OK, just one more (for now):



    • It’s a silly story. I was called from Maja to Majcholin or Majcholina which was shorten to Lin or Lina (this wasn’t my idea). But I somehow ended up pairing it with my last name, so I made up this lampelina nick a long time ago. I’ll stick with it, many people know me by it already.
      Thanks for all of your ideas 🙂


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