My top 10 TED talks (and 3 Slovenian)

The title says everything. I’ve collected some of my favorite TED talks.
I hope you’ll find something useful for yourself too. 🙂

10 things you didn’t know about orgasm

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable

I got 99 problems… palsy is just one

Inside the mind of a master procrastinator

Isolation is the dream-killer, not your attitude

Living With High Functioning Anxiety

The art of being yourself

Slovenian talks:

Človek je orodje za preprečevanje samomorov

Kako vzgojiti samomorilca?

Objem, dotik, poljub

You can find some interesting talks I already used in my blog posts here.

Which talk did you find the most interesting so far?
Feel free to share the links or the names of your favorite TED talks in the comments.
Sharing is caring. ♥

2 thoughts on “My top 10 TED talks (and 3 Slovenian)”

  1. I like TEDTalks. They are bite size nuggets of information, inspiration and/or entertainment. You’ve curated quite an eclectic list of them too!

  2. Very interesting! I love TED talks. My favourites has to be “The Power of Introverts” by Susan Cain and “I Am Not A Monster: Schizophrenia” by Cecilia McGough.


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