Nothing comes from nothing

You’ve probably heard this one: “It’s easier for you than it is for me“.
It’s a matter of perspective. Something that looks easy to you, might be very difficult for somebody else. And vice versa.

You can try to walk in another person’s shoe and you’d still be able to see the same situation only from your perspective.

How do we measure the effort somebody puts into something? We can’t.
You can put plenty of effort into something that somebody else doesn’t have to. Sometimes things just aren’t what they seem.

There is no universal rule for how much effort you’d have to put into something that somebody else already achieved. It just proves to you that something is possible for this person, but not necessarily for you. Or might be also possible for you. If you put much more effort than you’d imagined you’d have to.

There will always be some things you can and some you can not do. And other things you’d want and some you won’t want to do. And it’s ok.

Willpower is something that can be trained.

We are not the same, but expectations too often are. There are times when we can expect way too much from ourselves or others, but there are also times when we expect too little. Both ways can make us unhappy.

At the end of the day, only you can decide what do you want. You just need to be aware of your own strengths, weaknesses and which of them you can and want to embrace.

Interesting talk about getting things done.

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