Oh Yes, You Can.

It’s been a while. I’ve been thinking more while writing a little bit less.

About my family and all the bad stuff that happened in the past. I didn’t forget all of the good things too this time, especially the things I’ve learned from them.

My mom passed on to me some great caring abilities. I’ve learned the importance of logic and critical thinking from my dad. My x-marathon running grandparents are still a good example of where strong will, determination, and consistency can bring you. And how important it is to have your own network of people who are your ally throughout life.

Both of my aunts along with my uncle thought me the importance of just being there, no matter what. My brother and his girlfriend recently proved that we also have some of the cutest genes in the family.

My high sensitivity is probably the only thing that was hardcoded in me, anything else is pretty much learned. And I’m really grateful for that.

All these traits can be turned into very bad stuff, pointed against me, without staying mindful.
But that’s ok because this can be learned too and I think I’m finally learning the lesson. Slowly.

My mom also thought me that you can learn new things no matter how old you are, so I’ve started to learn and recently got my fifth certification through Coursera.
This time it was Mindshift: Break Through Obstacles to Learning and Discover Your Hidden Potential.

If I was able to do this with my messy ADHD-like & CPTSD f**** up brain, imagine what can you do with yours!

You “only” need to start, stay consistent, take frequent rests, push yourself through the days when you’d want to just give up… and understand that is not nearly as easy as it sounds.
You might be much slower than most people you know, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t reach your goals. Just keep them real and don’t forget that you can change them anytime if you don’t like the path anymore.
What works for somebody else, might not work for you, you really need to find your own way that suits you best. And there is probably more than just one. 😉

It also helps if you ask for as much help as you need. I couldn’t have done anything without many people around me and at some point, this includes you too, dear readers. I’m beyond grateful for all the help and support I’ve received. ♥

Oh, and btw, I’m no success. I’m still a work in progress. Just sharing the goods in all the bad.

Enough about me. What about you?
What are your strengths? Where did they come from?

16 thoughts on “Oh Yes, You Can.”

  1. Congratulations of your 5th certification. Yes, one can keep learning if one has an open mind. If there had been an Internet when I was young I would have been glued to it, not to send emails and messages, but searching for endless information. I loved maps, encyclopedias, books of “knowledge”. From my father, I seem to have inherited some artistic ability, but it was never nurtured or encouraged. I find that my best efforts occur when I am not really concentrating or really trying to create something. Maybe it’s an excuse to say I wasn’t encouraged but a lot of times I felt “put down” or ignored and that does curb one’s enthusiasm. From my mother I acquired a need to help everyone, a need to be kind, although I am more inclined to animals. I spent so little time with family, I am probably more a product of the different experiences and places I found myself in. One thing is sure, nothing happens without hard work and not a little heart break. Blessings Maja.

  2. Pushing through definitely is something that needs to be done sometimes. Congratulations on your fifth certification on Coursera! It is never too late to learn new things. As always, keep writing. Love your writings.


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