How To Choose The Right App For Your Mental Health?

mental health apps

I was a bit surprised when I started researching this field because I wasn’t expecting to find so many apps. So, how to choose something good for yourself when you’re surrounded by too much of everything? There is one thing that many apps (not just mental health) share – they are too complicated for frequent … Read more

The Bright Side of BPD

I just finished another course, this time on positive psychology & resilience. Btw, you can do it too, if you’re into learning something new. Which got me thinking a bit more about the bright side of pretty much everything. So, you think that your borderline traits are only negative? Think again. πŸ˜‰ Strengths and qualities … Read more

Gentle Reminder: Spoil Yourself Often

If you’re like me, having your inner critic in charge a lot, spoiling probably isn’t your top priority. But it should be. According to the zodiac, I’m quite a typical Leo and I was probably even born a little bit spoiled. Then trauma happened. And another trauma, and even more trauma. I became a people … Read more

The Story About How I Left My Own Life

I did some terrible mistakes in my life. If I can help only one person to learn from these mistakes, they were not in vain. Even if this person is me. I’m still trying to pull the best out of my mess and somedays I believe I’m succeeding, some days I still feel like a … Read more

Living With Unstable Sense Of Self

Having borderline personality disorder and CPTSD can be interesting to say, at least. They both share some symptoms, yet they are different. And neither of them is pleasant. I do have some issues, yet I still don’t look or behave like some sort of a lunatic, you might imagine from the movies. At least this … Read more

Why Do You Push People Away?

Do you ever wonder why are you doing this? There are some of our behaviors that can be really unpleasant to others. It makes sense that it pushes people away. Before you blame others for not liking you, it’s good to ask yourself if there are some errors on your side. I was there too, … Read more

Oh Yes, You Can.

It’s been a while. I’ve been thinking more while writing a little bit less. About my family and all the bad stuff that happened in the past. I didn’t forget all of the good things too this time, especially the things I’ve learned from them. My mom passed on to me some great caring abilities. … Read more

What Do You Think About The Comments?

There will be some changes on this blog around the comments section. I deeply appreciate your opinion and I don’t want to take another step without asking you what do you think about it. Writing posts already take all of my “extra” energy and I struggle severely since the beginning with giving replies to your … Read more

I’m Your Bad Example, Part 2

Content warning: not suitable for everybody. I really wanted to let some thoughts out for days, but I just couldn’t write. I was wondering how the hell shall I write while being in such a weird state of mind? The answer was really simple. You just do it. But is it easy to do so? … Read more

Getting better is not always better

Sometimes it would be easier not knowing some things. Once you do know them, you can’t just forget. But with some mental exercise, you can probably keep them in a distance. You’ve probably heard about the phrase “ignorance is bliss“. This is what I’m talking about. When I started my journey of self-development, I wasn’t … Read more

How was 2020 for you?

christmas card

I don’t really like to write so much about my private life. I’ve done some surveys on the blog and on Instagram as well. The results were the same, most people voted for personal experience. Personal experience can be many things which got me thinking about how much and what should I write. At the … Read more