Please help me to help you

I really like writing, photography and helping people.
But I’m unable to sustain a regular job for 6 years now, because I struggle with CPT​SD a lot.

It makes me pret​ty qualified in a mental health field.
Just not on the side you’d want ​to be.

Behind the scenes

Being a former nurse, almost a midwife, helps me to pass my own experience combined with some professional and educational data.

Midwifery practice, 2005.

I have 15 years of experience working with WordPress and some other web projects. This helps me to maintain this blog from every point of view.
I’m my own system administrator, web developer, graphic designer, SEO expert, and occasionally a photographer too.

Please help me to help you

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I’m grateful for every encouraging words I’ve already received through this blog. And the likes, comments, email feedback… I really appreciate it. But I do need to pay my bills too.

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This was the hardest post to write for me so far. I really, really struggle with asking for help. It’s hard to admit, even to yourself, that you simply can’t do some things anymore. We take many things for granted and aren’t aware of what we have until we lose it.

2 Replies to “Please help me to help you”

  1. Thank you for bravely sharing your experience Maja – I have CPTSD and issues with dissociation and it’s always getting in the way of my career and it makes me feel incompetent and useless at times and certainly contributes to money stress. Most recently I decided to switch gears and try a more artsy and creative career path in design.
    I’m sorry to hear about your situation but you’ve also given me the feeling that I’m not alone in this mental health + career struggle and so much hope that we can still put our skills to good use! Wishing you the best of luck and thank you for brightening my day 🙂

    1. There’s many of us, sadly, but not everybody is willing to talk about it. It’s not easy for me either. But It’s one of the ways to connect with other people who understand.
      So, thank you too AmyChris.

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