Please stop by for a short feedback on vulnerability

Yesterday I published a guest post about vulnerability.
The traffic to the post wasn’t bad at all, so the lack of comments surprised me a bit.

Was the text written clearly, could you follow it through? Was the topic uncomfortable to discuss? What stopped you from commenting?

I would really appreciate your insights.
Thanks. πŸ™‚

16 thoughts on “Please stop by for a short feedback on vulnerability”

  1. I haven’t been commenting much in general because of lack of brainpower. What I have noticed on my own blog is that guest posts pretty consistently get fewer comments than posts I’ve written.

  2. I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t been reading as much on WordPress as I’d like. But I just finished reading your post, and I have to say I enjoyed it, and I left a comment. You’re an excellent writer, and your article was relatable and helpful. Well done!

  3. After doing this for three years, I’ve reached the conclusion there is no correlation between popularity of posts being read and being liked or commented upon. My two most popular posts of all time, which have like 10 times the hits of a regular post have very few likes and comments. Neither were guest posts, and I don’t think the subject matter was any touchier than my usual stuff, but it was just something that people didn’t participate. With guest columns, I get fewer likes and comments, but also fewer hits. I think people are just more comfortable with me than any guest I present. They also know that I’ll engage in conversation in the comments where the guest poster won’t. Don’t stress figuring this stuff out too hard. You’ll drive yourself crazy.

  4. Honestly your posts for some rrason are not complete. It’s like they’re all reposts from another site and i don’t like clicking and going to sites. I prefer reading from the wordpress app so i can like and sometimes comment. Sometimes I’m binge reading posts so i don’t comment. I usually like ur posts, even though i don’t read them through.

    • My posts are as they are because I want to pass something forward I’ve found useful for myself (from my own experience or from other resources). Not inventing nothing new in here. And to be as friendly as possible to those who struggle with focus like I do, so I try to keep things as short and clear as possible. There is still much room to improve though.
      I need more feedback on this in order to push things up. I really appreciate your feedback for this matter. Thanks. πŸ™‚

  5. Hi Maja, I have been tied up with learning to play keyboard (and improving my singing) – mainly as distraction and catharsis. To be fair, there are multiple other problems in the world as well as people in distress. I am in distress (grieving), but am attempting to self-remedy. Forest fires pumping huge clouds of co2 and water vapour, plus domestic violence, child abuse, tax evasion (people are still making money online, but not declaring their earnings…), flooding, droughts, covid19, overhunting and poaching… You name it… Still going on. (Been going on previously as well.) I am aware that people are hurting themselves. I am concerned. I published a document as my initial attempt to do something about it (with intention to expand later). I also recced that sep 10 be pushed back to sep 1, to avoid the problem with sep 11 overshadowing everything. No one responded… The main trick is to “reach” them and cause them pause to reevaluate – gain new hope, perhaps.

  6. I liked the topic of vulnerability, and I agreed with the ideas and concepts, I was just too busy to comment. Also, my WordPress app keeps making it where I log in repeatedly, and then it won’t let me like a post or comment without re-entering my password. It’s such an annoying process, that I usually just read the post and delete my e-mail notification.


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