The Sweetest Pain

Do you know the feeling when you miss someone so much that it hurts? And at the same time, you feel joy, when you think about this person’s happiness… It’s a weird combination, this pleasure, and pain. So many stories created my brain. I still want you inside, inside of my head stories so happy, … Read more

The Right To Die With Dignity

dying with dignity

Warning: a sensitive topic I don’t want to encourage anyone into anything stupid or reckless. If you’re in danger of hurting yourself, please ask for help – you can do so here. I wish I could have the opportunity to die when I want and the way I want, which is through euthanasia. Just one … Read more

If You Could Be A Song, Which One Would You Be?

your song

Do you ever ask yourself this question? Which song describes you the most? Which melody flows best with your body and your mind? Which song do you truly feel? Is it just one song, can you see yourself in several different (or similar songs)? You can explore yourself through this exercise and learn something new. … Read more

What Is Love?

what is love

Love is complex. Too complex to explain it in a shorter sentence. I’ve tried to be as short as possible again. I hope you’ll learn something new today – about love, you, or someone/something else. Love is more than just a feeling. For me to love means to give and to accept, without expecting anything … Read more

How Long Does It Take To Master Your Emotions?

master your emotions

This is one question that I don’t have the answer to. It probably even doesn’t exist, because everybody needs their own time. Or not? What do you think? I’ve been asking myself a lot, when will I be happy with my own progress? Because honestly, many times I feel like I’m never happy with it, … Read more

Welcome To My New Old Blog

mental health blog welcome

I’m very happy to announce that this blog was successfully moved to a faster host. Hooray! I apologize for any inconvenience that might happen over the past couple of months, due to some technical issues, which made reading and publishing a bit harder. Special thanks go to Gregor for helping me with the moving and … Read more

How To Be Happy With What You Have?

how to be happy

I consider myself a very unhappy grumpy person because I can drive myself crazy with my thoughts obsessing about wanting more. This will never bring you the joy you might seek, trust me on this one. It might feel good for a short period of time, but that’s not happiness. What can help you to … Read more

The benefits of being bored

Many people struggle with boredom because of the current situation. I’m not an exception, even though I’m not bored very often. But it sucks when it comes to this. Another thing many of us dislike. Yet it has some benefits. The most important one is, it can stimulate you to be more productive. Because obviously … Read more

Just Another Day With CPTSD #1

In case you were wondering why I was blogging less… I’ve had an idea about posting less of my personal thoughts because I never wanted to have a blog where it would be so much about me. And yet here I am. It is what it is now… I question myself a lot. Some days … Read more

What Are You Afraid Of?

Can you imagine your life without a fear? It would be dangerous, so fear is actually good (like you probably already know). If it’s in the right amount, of course. Your fears can also tell you in which areas you need to do some work. I’d strongly recommend you to work with a therapist if … Read more