What do you think about the comments?

There will be some changes on this blog around the comments section.

I deeply appreciate your opinion and I don’t want to take another step without asking you what do you think about it.

Writing posts already take all of my “extra” energy and I struggle severely since the beginning with giving replies to your comments.
I think all of you deserve a word, at least thank you for stopping by, if not else.

I’m exhausted all of the time, not just some days. Sadly, CPTSD and the meds aren’t doing me a favor here.
I don’t want to quit blogging completely, but I need to take some further steps to protect my already low energy.

What do you think?
Would you prefer to leave comments on for you only or should I turn them off completely?

Thank you again for all the comments you’ve made so far. I really appreciate all of them and I’m beyond thankful for your replies.
No matter the comments, you can still reach out to me through my email.

17 thoughts on “What do you think about the comments?”

  1. I love your blog and enjoy commenting but I understand completely… I always think nothing is cast in stone… Maybe be selective, when you feel like you have energy make comments available and when you don’t have energy keep them closed. Just an idea.

  2. I like the suggestion made to insert a smiley/emoticon as acknowledgement. Everyone has different things going on with their lives and cannot always make time to reply to comments. Nice post. Take care Maja

  3. I never expect a reply when I comment on a blog post. But as a blogger myself, I do feel an obligation to reply to anyone who comments on one of my posts.
    This is not much help, but do what you feel you need to do. We are all adults here and ideally don’t have expectations.


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