Reblog: What If You Would Let The Butterflies Fly?

Many people are choosing not to love. But they shouldn’t, and you shouldn’t forget that all your past experiences happen not to erase love and intimacy from your life, but for you to grow in love.

What If You Would Let The Butterflies Fly?

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  1. ZeroSpace Reply

    Very nice share, Maja. And compliments to the author if they visit this comment section.
    This is loaded. Some people experience an inability to be vulnerable that others cannot understand. I am NOT one of these people. I am more than happy to be totally vulnerable for the right person and put my neck / heart right on the line and risk hurt (my challenge is finding the right person!)
    But, I have known these people who cannot be vulnerable. I have been drawn to and interested in these types over the last couple of years. They are opposite me and I like them even more for that!
    It’s messed up.
    I think it’s not as easy for these folks as making a decision to let go. There might be layers of issues there. They might need some intensive therapy or something. Often they can’t even open up to a therapist so how do you even get around that?? Anyway, as a diehard romantic I find the post inspiring but I think it’s harder than a simple decision to just let them butterflies out. Man there’s big locks on those cages sometimes.

    • Maja Post authorReply

      Thanks Melissa. I’m searching for some encouraging words about finding the right person, but I’m there there as well. (:
      I’d really like to believe that self love is enough and that you really don’t need that other person in your life, but I’d be lying. I believe people need each other, we always did. 2 people can be stronger than one. But there must be trust and for trust you need some vulnerability too.
      Unlike you, I can relate a little to the post I’ve shared. There are some big locks, indeed, no matter how open I might look.

      • ZeroSpace Reply

        I can relate to it on MY side, just not the side of the people I seem to be drawn to ;). It’s seriously like the stereotype of emotional happy cheerleader and broody bad boy in high school. Ha. You know? These things happen. Regarding self-love being enough. Well. We are social creatures. I believe those who spend too much time alone and never make a sufficient romantic connection are more at risk of suicide or pre-mature physical decline than others.

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