Sharing Sunday: Who Are You, Really?

I’ve been “hiding” inside my diagnosis and what other people wanted for me (or think about me) for so long, that I still don’t know exactly who I am.

Sounds familiar?

I have a difficult time accepting all parts of me. I still don’t know exactly what should I change and what should I accept.
I know what I want though. I’m just scared to manifest it.

I’m the most satisfied with myself when I believe that I’m love.

I love love and I love to love. Starting with myself.

I don’t always act from love… Sometimes I fail because I let fear guide me. Sometimes I fail because I’m a human.

When a perfectionist inside me takes over the steer, I don’t allow myself to be that. I don’t allow myself to fail and ironically this is when I fail the most.
In such times I don’t allow myself to exist. I shut down my emotions and all the fun parts of myself…

We don’t get the manual about how to be a human, nor do our parents. How can we/they know then?
We don’t and we learn, from our own and other people’s mistakes.

It’s hard to be(come) a human when even your parents didn’t allow you to exist because they had no clue how they influenced you.

I think I should write more, but nothing else comes to my mind. For me, this is a sign that I need some rest, so bye until the next week, and I wish you a nice Sunday. πŸ™‚

What about you, do you know who you are?

5 thoughts on “Sharing Sunday: Who Are You, Really?”

  1. I have an idea of who I am but I don’t like it. I know I am not what people think I am and as result I have mostly withdrawn. I am fine with it but it isn’t what I would recommend.

  2. You are exactly YOU. You are perfectly YOU. There is nothing “out there”. All you that are seeking, you already have it. It is inside of YOU. It is YOU. – Thanks for sharing it. I enjoyed it very much.

  3. Love the song. We do pick up so much from our family, and later in life our friends. It’s hard to learn that our parents are/were human too and made mistakes. Once we reach the age they were when they were raising us, we understand what a hard task they had.


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