What Does CPTSD Feel Like?


For me, it feels like my heart is breaking again and again, without the ability to ever get better. This is not the truth and is “just” a feeling. I need to ground myself often to come out of my illusions and stop breaking my own heart all over again. This might sound easy but … Read more

7 Tips To Improve Your Concentration


You don’t need to have ADHD to struggle with your focus and attention. It can happen to everyone, especially under lots of stress. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Lampelina (@lampelina_blog) What helps you to concentrate in difficult times?

The Bright Side Of Daydreaming

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You might have already heard that daydreaming isn’t so good for you and that you shouldn’t spend so much time in your own head. While obsessing with negative thoughts isn’t good for you, this isn’t the same as having a positive and meaningful daydream. Which can be actually very beneficial for you. I have a … Read more

Why Stress Is Good?

It’s amazing what a simple change in the way we think can do. I would also recommend her book, The Upside of Stress. Now go out and get excited about the next thing you’re afraid of, but you’re still going to do it. 🙂 It doesn’t have to be skydiving. For some this means going … Read more

The Bright Side of Procrastination


I was never much of a procrastinator. I’m actually the one waiting for others to arrive, the first one to finish a task,… If I could, I would even overtake myself sometimes. This is one extreme, which is not working for me at all. You can take some pressure and anxiety off immediately, but you … Read more

Reblog: Unheard Mind Podcast

I hinted at my podcast in a post the other day, but now I’m happy to share it with people! I started Unheard Mind Podcast about 2 weeks ago, to talk about mental health. I’ve done a few short episodes so far and I’m enjoying it. Click the image below to view the podcast home … Read more

Benefits of having ADHD

The most important one is you never get bored. Ever. Even when you might think you’re bored… you’re probably not. Because it’s hard for us to stick to one task. And how can you be bored if you’re doing so many different things? It’s really bad when you’re trying to do all of them at … Read more

Side effects and dealing with them

Everything comes with a price, goes especially well with the drugs. It’s a struggle between trying to be a functional independent person (not aiming to be a Superman) and side effects. I struggle with CPTSD, which can be felt similar to depression, anxiety, ADHD, BPD and OCD combined. People with CPTSD are similar, but we … Read more

There Is No Health Without Mental Health

mental health matters

I’m sending a big hug to everyone who didn’t felt so good today but still refused to give up. 🤗 I would like to thank everybody who is spreading mental health awareness. 🙏 Hooray for all those who are working on their own mental health regularly, no matter what. 🥳 View this post on Instagram … Read more

World Mental Health Day – Beware of the green ribbon

It won’t do you any harm, but it may confuse you a bit. Mental health is still a sensitive topic to talk about, even though people became a bit more open through the years. This field is still a mess and people are often confused. About themselves, about their illness, about other people’s illness,… And … Read more

Mental Health Awareness & Kindness – Freebies

I made some graphic that can be used to promote mental health. You can use these as stickers or print them into T-shirts, mugs, paper… Whatever you like. Or just share them through your blog, social media or elsewhere on the internet. Please help me spread the word. Thank you.

ADHD in women – infographic

ADHD looks different for women compared to men. We don’t have the same bodies and our minds are different too. It’s ADHD Awareness Month. Let’s spread the word. Sources: – 5 Ways ADHD Is Different For Women Compared To Men – ADHD Looks Different in Women. Here’s How — and Why. – ADHD in Women … Read more