What it’s like to have a mental illness?

Mental health is a matter of everyone, not just of people who struggle with it. From my point of view, having some mental health issues, means that you’re often treated differently than you’d otherwise be. Your words matter less, people don’t listen to you or don’t take you as seriously. Not everybody, but especially people … Read more

Side effects – are they worth it?

I have my own view of the drugs (prescribed and non-prescribed ones). Even though I’ve used them in many inappropriate ways as well, I always thought of them as an accessory. Something like a crutch to a broken leg. Taking drugs only if really necessary and in a dose that suits the individual most. Everything … Read more

Looking for some help with writing

Even after all my psychotherapy thing, I still find it really difficult to seek help when I need it. This time I would need some of your, dear reader. I overthinked everything for a 1000 time, deleted some posts, write them again and there, after a few days of playing some drama in my head, … Read more

Pay attention to your attention

I came across an interesting talk about attention. I practice mindfulness for quite a while and it’s been really helpful so far. But you need to be consistent. Doing it once or twice and then forget about it won’t do the trick. It was also an obligatory part of my recent psychotherapy. Priceless add-on to … Read more