Good memories – Story No. 1

I started those series with some bad memories. Now it’s time to focus on good ones too. To keep things in balance here. A little bit of my background My mom moved a lot when I was a kid and so have I. We landed in her hometown when I was 8 years old. The … Read more

The post-depression blues

Depression can make us really selfish. At least this is what it did to me. I used to function in a way that I put everyone before me. I really wasn’t a selfish person, even when I’d needed to be, for my own good. Setting some healthy boundaries just wasn’t my thing. The difference between … Read more

Bad memories – Story No. 2

I’m going to take you into the day of my back surgery. Except that it didn’t come to this, because something went terribly wrong. My sedentary lifestyle, combined with occasional back overloading, led me to a lumbar hernia. Eventually, I needed a back surgery. As a former nurse, I was well aware of all possible … Read more

Bad memories – Story No. 1

Today, I’m gonna take you back into my high school years. Into one particular evening which started as a nice sleepover party at my friend’s house, but ended up as a nightmare. My good friend, let’s call her Ana, had a pretty violent boyfriend (let’s call him James). He often came to school and threatened … Read more

How to lift your mood instantly

I use post it notes for a long time now. With reminders for almost anything that needs to be done. Recently I added some short reminders about the things I think about almost daily. But just think. Things can appear very different when they’re just in our heads or when we express them in any … Read more

A few words about psychedelics

A few informative talks about psychedelics. They might be an interesting alternative to many psychiatric drugs. What about you, do you already have any experience with using them in medical purposes?