What do you think about the comments?

There will be some changes on this blog around the comments section. I deeply appreciate your opinion and I don’t want to take another step without asking you what do you think about it. Writing posts already take all of my “extra” energy and I struggle severely since the beginning with giving replies to your … Read more

What are you passionate about? Part 2


I already posted something on this topic. But without my thoughts. I can finally add something to this. I like to be surrounded with people who see some use in things I do. Who doesn’t? And I like to do many different things. I needed 6 years to find this combo again. I’m a full … Read more

Just a quick update

I’m a bit busy with working on my other projects, so I might be a bit absent here until the end of the year. You can always follow my photography work through Instagram. I post my feelings in this way more often. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Maja (@lampelina_) Feel free … Read more

How was 2020 for you?

christmas card

I don’t really like to write so much about my private life. I’ve done some surveys on the blog and on Instagram as well. The results were the same, most people voted for personal experience. Personal experience can be many things which got me thinking about how much and what should I write. At the … Read more

Reblog: The Waiting Game

We’re all waiting for something. All things will come to the person who waits, provided they know what they’re are waiting for. My advice, never keep anyone long and don’t wait too long. Waiters and quitters have just a slight difference but a common end. Waiting for the movie to start before eating your popcorn … Read more

Behind the scenes – update

I never told you the whole story behind the scene. The environment I’m working in and so on. So, welcome to my place. 🙂 I live in a tiny rented apartment, I can’t really afford on my own. I live out of a social aid completely. My living environment is pretty great for the first … Read more

You can promote your blog here

I’ve received many emails from bloggers at the start of their journey. To help them with some blogging tips and sometimes promote them too. I helped in the best way I could, yet this is still not the best help, all of you’d deserve. I would love to help all of you, but one person … Read more

What would you like?

I’m wondering how can I improve this blog even more. Can you help me a little bit please? It won’t take you long. I really appreciate your input. This blog couldn’t grow without your feedback. Loading… These are the results for now. Thank you.