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I’ve received many emails from bloggers at the start of their journey. To help them with some blogging tips and sometimes promote them too. I helped in the best way I could, yet this is still not the best help, all of you’d deserve. I would love to help all of you, but one person … Read more

What would you like?

I’m wondering how can I improve this blog even more. Can you help me a little bit please? It won’t take you long. I really appreciate your input. This blog couldn’t grow without your feedback. Loading… These are the results for now. Thank you.

Reblog: Unheard Mind Podcast

I hinted at my podcast in a post the other day, but now I’m happy to share it with people! I started Unheard Mind Podcast about 2 weeks ago, to talk about mental health. I’ve done a few short episodes so far and I’m enjoying it. Click the image below to view the podcast home … Read more

Speaking challenge

Let’s take a short break from the tough topics I’ve been posting about lately. I need to move out of the comfort zone, so I’m going for another challenge. As many of you already know, I’m not a native English speaker and I speak much worse than I write. I’d like to improve that. Talking … Read more

What do you think about the change?

I made some smaller modifications in order to give you a better user experience. Major hanges: The fonts are larger. Some posts are more exposed. Categories has been slightly modified. The feature for vieving a random article. About page has been modified. What do you think? Are things easy to navigate? Are the categories used … Read more

Please stop by for a short feedback on vulnerability

Yesterday I published a guest post about vulnerability. The traffic to the post wasn’t bad at all, so the lack of comments surprised me a bit. Was the text written clearly, could you follow it through? Was the topic uncomfortable to discuss? What stopped you from commenting? I would really appreciate your insights. Thanks. 🙂