I’m your bad example

I’m never to busy for anoter quick update. I’ve spend many years in the search of who I am, what I want, what I don’t want from life… This year I’ve finally made a progress I’ve been waiting and working on for so long. It’s not what you might imagine. Quite the opposite probably. Please, … Read more

Why is anxiety good?

This post is not new, but it’s got an audio update. 🙂 I catch a cold (hopefully not corona), you can hear it in my voice. It was really hard to speak today, because of the dryness of my mouth. But it’s ok, I like challenges. I can’t do much more in this state, yet … Read more

Getting better is not always better

Sometimes it would be easier not knowing some things. Once you do know them, you can’t just forget. But with some mental exercise, you can probably keep them in a distance. You’ve probably heard about the phrase “ignorance is bliss“. This is what I’m talking about. When I started my journey of self-development, I wasn’t … Read more